Apple Tells Devs to Stop Tracking Your iPhone's Secret ID Number

Every single iPhone has a unique number attached to that device. Devs like this number, because it lets them keep track of who's using their apps. Apple's realizing this might be a liability, and wants the numbers outta there. » 8/24/11 4:40pm 8/24/11 4:40pm

Over 500 webOS Devs Run into Microsoft's Waiting Embrace

On Friday, Microsoft's Brandon Watson put the word out that any webOS developers who were looking for a new home would get free dev tools and phones if they came to work for WIndows Phone. Over 500 have taken them up on their offer. » 8/22/11 8:58am 8/22/11 8:58am

Google Gives Android Fragmentation a Giant Thumbs Up

One of the most immediate (and valid) criticisms of the Android bonanza is its fragmentation problem. Too many versions! It's confusing! So what could Google do to rein in the software panoply? Allow multiple versions of apps? Hmm. » 7/22/11 9:04am 7/22/11 9:04am

Microsoft's Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Is Out

The official Kinect for Windows SDK beta is now available for download. It's for non-commercial use only, aimed at researchers, academics and hobbyist developers, but the download is free, and available in both 32- and 64-bit formats.
» 6/16/11 1:17pm 6/16/11 1:17pm

Twitter to World: Stop Making Twitter Apps, Thx

Twitter's decided they've got the gold standard in applications, and are essentially telling aspiring devs to eff off: "Developers ask us if they should build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstreamTwitter consumer client experience. The answer is no." » 3/11/11 4:58pm 3/11/11 4:58pm

Heads Up, Devs: Android Honeycomb Preview SDK Out

A preview build of Android 3.0 is up, for devs eager to start licking some honeycomb. There's a list of new offerings, but chief among them are support for larger (tablet friendly!) UI design, and 3D acceleration. » 1/26/11 2:59pm 1/26/11 2:59pm

Apple Now Telling Developers How Many People Download Their App

We reported in our massive feature on the SDK and App Store's shortcomings that Apple didn't even tell devs how many times their app is downloaded. I guess they realized devs might wanna know, 'cause now they're offering daily download statistics to registered devs. One brick at a time. [Mac Rumors] » 7/31/08 5:20pm 7/31/08 5:20pm