Good news for Dexter fans looking to relive the show's former glory: Netflix is getting exclusive rights to all eight seasons of the show. The first four will be available starting October 31, and that should keep you plenty busy until the second four hit on January 1. » 10/28/13 3:19pm 10/28/13 3:19pm

The Geeky Serial Killer

A serial killer already linked to the murders of four Long Island area Craigslist prostitutes is so intimately familiar with police investigation techniques that law enforcement officials are now openly speculating he may be one of their own. » 4/09/11 1:54pm 4/09/11 1:54pm

This Dexter Video Kills Me

I've to admit that I stopped watching Dexter after the second season with that insufferable English pathological liar, but I really like this music video by Pogo. It's entirely made with sound samples from the series. [Showtime via LikeCool] » 10/14/10 10:00pm 10/14/10 10:00pm

Dexter iPhone Cases Make the Case for iPhone Cases

I don't get iPhone cases. Or any gadget case. It's like your grandma putting a plastic cover on the sofa. Things are designed to be enjoyed as they are. These Dexter cases are pretty, though. » 3/26/09 7:41pm 3/26/09 7:41pm

Dexter Game Coming to iPhone (Murder Sim?)

Is GTA 4 a murder simulator? Probably not, but any game based on Showtime's Dexter damn well better be. According to a tweet by TV squad, a Dexter game is on its way to the iPhone and will be detailed later tonight at the Dexter Comic-con panel. Will we be able to use the iPhone's accelerometer to bludgeon victims? Or… » 7/24/08 10:18pm 7/24/08 10:18pm

JazzMutant Dexter Touchscreen Soundboard

Dexter is the latest soundboard released by JazzMutant. The board keeps the simple shape of the previously released Lemur, but has a brand new interface that's a pleasure to watch. Unfortunately for anyone who's not an industry professional, Dexter is a costly companion: $3,600. [JazzMutant via Crave] » 7/12/07 8:41am 7/12/07 8:41am

Monty Robot, Plays Ball

We just fawned over » 3/04/07 12:35pm 3/04/07 12:35pm Anybots' dynamically balancing robot (Dexter) earlier this week, and (his brother?) already has a new trick. It might not look like much, but according to Dexter's developers: There is no information on their website about how this throwing/catching process works, or whether or not the robot is…

Anybot's Humanoids Designed to Bully Other Bots and Not Trip

Ok, so they may not look like the Terminator, but still, there's something remotely disturbing about watching these robots "learn" to walk and shove. Developed by Anybots, the humanoids are being designed to help with industrial and household tasks and they're made in such a way that they won't tip over and fall … » 2/28/07 9:33am 2/28/07 9:33am