The Next Revolution In Farming Is a Decent Internet Connection

The beeps and clicks of dial-up web service are (mercifully) a long-gone memory for most city-dwellers, but for many rural residents that aural static is still a regular part of the ritual of logging on. The service remains incredibly slow—and that tedious pace is becoming a major problem for farmers bringing their… » 10/03/13 10:00am 10/03/13 10:00am

3 Million Suckers Still Pay For AOL Dial-Up

Remember the whimsical sounds your 56k modem made as it connected to AOL? BADONG-BADONG! Then a semi-officious voice announced you were online, "Welcome!" Yeah, that was in the 90's. Well according to the company's latest earnings report there are three million fools who are still paying for AOL dial-up Internet.… » 7/27/12 7:20pm 7/27/12 7:20pm

3.5 Million People Are Still Using AOL Dialup (!!!)

EEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRNDguzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzdungahdungahdungahhhhhhh. That sound you hear isn't a 56k modem, it's the sound of my brain collapsing upon itself as I read AOL not only has 3.5 million dialup users, but added 200,000 since last year. How can this be? » 11/03/11 2:00pm 11/03/11 2:00pm

A Modem Dial-Up Sound Slowed Down 700 Percent Is Pure Creepfest

The sound of waiting for your dial-up modem to connect probably induces enough nightmarish flashbacks as it is. But when you slow that same smattering of scratches and clangs down 700%, you get the soundtrack to the scariest part of every Wes Craven movie ever. » 6/28/11 5:20pm 6/28/11 5:20pm

One Fifth of Americans STILL Don't Use The Internet

According to a Pew study, 21% of Americans claim that they don't use the internet (and 5% still connect using dial-up). How is this possible? I think I've even seen homeless people peruse the internet on their iPhones. » 8/11/10 8:40pm 8/11/10 8:40pm

How Broke Would You Have to Be to Revert Back to Dial-Up?

In an effort to cut costs wherever possible, some consumers are going back to the cheaper, crappier-in-every-way dial-up we all cast aside years ago. This recession has just gotten serious. » 2/28/09 5:00pm 2/28/09 5:00pm

AOL Raises Dial-up Prices For Luddites

Going through our logs we can tell that nearly a dozen of you are still using AOL via dial-up. For lots of people in remote locales it's their only choice, and starting at the end of the month their bills are going to be going up a whopping $2 a month from $9.99 to $11.99. That's about 20%, but they don't have to pay… » 7/02/08 10:43pm 7/02/08 10:43pm

Are You Getting Screwed? Quick-Glance ISP Pricing Chart

Electronic House has done some serious homework, compiling price, bandwidth and plan information from most US ISPs, from sluggy dial-up to hyperspeedy fiber. (I couldn't spot Cablevision, but there were others I hadn't even heard of.) Due to cable build-out and the territorial nature of phone companies, you can't do… » 5/30/08 9:15am 5/30/08 9:15am

Experience the Joys of Constant Lag With Xbox Live on Dial-Up

For you poor, poor souls who own an Xbox 360 but still rely on dial-up for your internet, an intrepid Instructables member has written up a great "How To" on using your phone line to log onto Xbox Live. All you need is a PC running Windows with a working dial-up connection, an ethernet cable and an Xbox 360 (duh).… » 4/19/08 5:30pm 4/19/08 5:30pm

FYI: Kazakhstani Internet Starting At The Low, Low Price Of…

Yes, you read that right. In Borat's beloved homeland of Kazakhstan, the national internet service provider is charging $3,350 per month for DSL service. If you're ever in Kazakhstan and that seems a little pricey, dial-up is availible for $111 per month. If you need more speed, you can go all out and pay $22,032 for… » 7/27/07 3:59pm 7/27/07 3:59pm