What words were invented the year you were born?

As far as humans are concerned, the world didn't exist until, well, they existed. That means anything that happened before you were born is mere fairy tales and make believe conversation. But what about those words that filled those tales and conversations? When did they start existing? When were those words born?… »12/20/13 10:56pm12/20/13 10:56pm

Selfie, Derp and Phablet Are Now Words in the Oxford Dictionaries Online

Because language doesn't really matter anymore to the Internet, words that people use online all the time even though people are often too embarrassed to say it in real life are now a part of the dictionary. The Oxford Dictionaries Online is adding these wonky words to its dictionary: twerk, phablet, derp, selfie,… »8/28/13 2:00am8/28/13 2:00am

Google's Definition of Literally Literally Isn't Literal

Grammar loving folks who love to point out where commas should be inserted instead of periods and how semi-colons are both simultaneously underused and overused, should pick up their red pens, furrowed brows and pitchforks at the fact that the definition of literally is literally no longer the literal definition of… »8/14/13 8:38pm8/14/13 8:38pm

The Wacky Words That Are Now in the Oxford Dictionaries Online: LOLZ, Photobomb, Mwahahaha and More

Dictionaries exist in between a rock and a hard place: jump on new words too late and they look like a dinosaur, add in words too early and they're made into a mockery. Words are hard, yes, but some words don't exactly need defining like some of these just added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online. »8/24/12 1:30am8/24/12 1:30am

Google's in the Business of Defining Words Now With Google Dictionary

This was kind of inevitable. Google Dictionary, I mean. It's a straight-up dictionary, yeah, but it has a few pretty Google-y features, like the ability to star words, if you're real forgetful, and you can search for words in multiple languages. It's also a fairly stripped interface, unlike a lot of dictionary sites,… »12/04/09 11:50am12/04/09 11:50am

Save the Trees With Webster's USB New World Dictionary

To hell with paper—save the trees! Sony has already got us thinking along the right path, and now Centon Electronics is releasing Webster's New World College dictionary, with 160,000 entries, on a USB flash drive. The perk here is the dictionary will be available on either a 2GB or 4GB flash drive at $42.99 and… »10/13/07 12:30pm10/13/07 12:30pm