You Won't Need a PIN When You Pay for Everything with Your Face

Imagine a world where your debit card stays in your pocket at all times, and you never have to touch cash. This is a place where you don't have to remember your wallet, or even phone, when you run down to the corner store. It's a future well off in the distance, to be sure, but dozens of companies are taking the… »7/18/13 6:10pm7/18/13 6:10pm


Diebold Sued for GPL Violations, Allegations of Puppy Kicking to Come

Artifex, makers of the Linux Ghostscript Postscript interpreter, is suing Diebold »11/08/08 9:00am11/08/08 9:00am for breaking the fair use terms of its software. Diebold used the freely-available software, which is fine, but when they authored some changes to Ghostscript Postscript, they neglected to follow the very reasonable rules such use…

Ohio Voting Machines Lose Votes, Cannot Be Fixed Before Election Day

The maker of the evil, wonky voting machines in Ohio that are going to be used for the election »8/22/08 6:30pm8/22/08 6:30pm despite the fact they're has admitted that the machines do in fact lose votes (before, Premier, aka , said it was "user error"). It gets better! They can't be fixed before election day. Hey, it's not like anyone asked for…

Ohio Sues E-Voting Machine Maker But Keeps Same Crappy E-Voting Machines

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is suing e-voting machine maker Diebold, now known as Premier Election Solutions »8/12/08 7:40pm8/12/08 7:40pm, seeking damages for the mess the malfunctioning machines caused in the super swing state in 2004 and 2006—the same machines which will, frighteningly enough, to gather and/or misplace Ohio votes…

Diebold Pulls a Reverse Cingular, Rebrands Voting Machine Division

Diebold takes such pride in the secure craftsmanship of its voting machines that it's changing the name of that division to Premier Election Solutions Inc., and even giving it its own board of directors. This is after no one stepped up to take the division off of Diebold's hands, probably because they'd feel guilty… »8/17/07 12:11am8/17/07 12:11am

Diebold Sues Massachusetts Because the State Doesn't Like Them

Diebold, everyone's favorite manufacturer of easily hacked voting machines, wasn't happy when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided to go with one of their competitors when purchasing voting machines for the disabled. In fact, their feelings were so badly hurt by the snub that they've decided to sue the state. »3/26/07 6:10pm3/26/07 6:10pm

Electronic Voting Machines Vulnerable To Foreign Influence?

Could it be that those evil Venezuelans are trying to screw with our electronic voting machines, the same machines that we use to elect our fine leaders? That's what U.S. federal investigators are trying to determine after learning that company that makes the software running the electronic voting machines are from… »10/30/06 3:49pm10/30/06 3:49pm