Aptera Electric Three Wheeler Available for Pre-Order

We heard rumblings of the electric three-wheeled Aptera over a year ago but now the company has opened up an annoying and overwrought website soliciting "reservations," meaning you can plunk down $500 and get the right to buy either the all-electric or plug-in diesel hybrid model. The good news is, there's a working… » 9/27/07 3:51pm 9/27/07 3:51pm

Citroen C-Metisse Diesel Hybrid Sports Car: Fast and Furiously…

Our hybrid fetish lives on, especially for the Citroen C-Metisse Diesel Hybrid Sports Car that'll be rolled out at this year's International Motor Show in Paris. This four-door rocket is powered by a 205hp diesel V-6 engine and two electric motors, one on each rear wheel. That combo delivers pretty good numbers, too:… » 9/07/06 12:17pm 9/07/06 12:17pm