Digg for Android Is Finally Here: Get Your Read On a Million Ways

The Digg app for iOS has been around for a while, but until now, Android users have been left out of the fun. No longer. Digg for Android is here. » 8/29/13 4:00pm 8/29/13 4:00pm

You Can Use Digg Reader Now

Just in time! On the weekend before Google Reader is set to mercilessly kill itself off, Digg Reader has opened its arms to everyone. After being in beta, Digg Reader is ready for public release. It's a simple process. Just head here. Link up your Google account and Digg Reader will show everything you had in Google… » 6/28/13 11:40pm 6/28/13 11:40pm

Digg Reader Hands-On: Your Google Reader Life Raft Is Here

Here's the good news: Digg Reader is a real thing in the world that exists, and at the very latest, you'll have access to it by next Wednesday, June 26th. I just landed at an early invite page for the service, and with a click, imported my 500 or so feeds from Google Reader in seconds. Hey, it works. » 6/21/13 12:13pm 6/21/13 12:13pm

How Digg Raced to Make the Google Reader Replacement You'll Want

With Google Reader about to meet its maker, Digg decided to make the ultimate replacement. That was two months ago—and Wired has the inside track of exactly how the project has come together since then. » 6/20/13 6:46am 6/20/13 6:46am

Good news: Digg is tweaking its reader with integration for read it later services, email, and social media, and planning on dropping it in June, before Google Reader goes bye-bye. Bad news: You might have to pay for it. » 4/30/13 4:51pm 4/30/13 4:51pm