Kevin Rose Eats Funny Red Pills Again, Predicts iPhone 3G

After being absolutely wrong wrong wrong (WRONG) about the first iPhone, Digg's Kevin Rose has now settled down for the obvious: he says that the 3G version of the JesusPhone will have a camera on the front for video-conferencing with other 3G iPhone and Macintosh iChat users. Most probably, he is right about this,… » 3/24/08 1:30pm 3/24/08 1:30pm

Diggnation: Kevin Rose and Alex Transplant Drunken Livingroom Antics to…

Instead of on a livingroom couch, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht filmed Diggnation #80 live at Macworld, in front of nearly hundreds and hundreds of fans. When they film at home, Kevin and Alex drink. True to form, they proceeded to pound beers, while Moscone security guards look on in question. And at one point, Kevin… » 1/16/07 12:42pm 1/16/07 12:42pm