A Rehab Machine That Lets Patients See Their Muscles in Motion

A skilled physiotherapist can get your body working again after an injury, but even they can't see your inner workings while you're rebuilding muscle. So a team of researchers from Saitama University have developed a rehabilitation machine that generates a virtual representation of the muscles in your arm letting… »12/04/13 9:27am12/04/13 9:27am


Floating Touchscreen Displays Keep ATM Screens Invisible To Others

If this next-generation display technology developed by Asukanet ever goes past the concept stage, the days of huddling over an ATM display to block your balances from prying eyes could be over. With a viewing angle of just plus or minus 20 degrees, the Aerial Imaging Plate has a very specific sweet spot that ensures… »10/09/13 2:40pm10/09/13 2:40pm

A Doctor's-Office-in-a-Chair Measures All Your Vitals At Once

It's not designed to replace your family doctor, but this sensor-laden chair concept from Sharp could definitely reduce the number of times you need to stop by their clinic every year. The chair looks like it could actually be capable of time travel, but its capabilities are limited to measuring your blood pressure,… »10/08/13 10:33am10/08/13 10:33am

You No Longer Need To Be an Artist To Appear In Your Own Comic Book

If you haven't been able to convince publishers your life would make for an awesome comic book, and can't draw more than a crude stick figure facsimile of yourself, you can thank the imaging researchers at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan. They've created a fun system that can automatically generate… »8/26/13 8:39am8/26/13 8:39am

Panasonic's Developed a Simple Sensor Tweak That Vastly Improves Low Light Photography

Researchers at Panasonic's imaging division have found a way to increase the sensitivity of digital camera sensors, which in turn equates to almost double the brightness in photos taken in low light conditions. But the discovery has nothing to do with the sensor itself; instead, the company's improved the color… »3/28/13 12:00pm3/28/13 12:00pm

You'll Waste Your Entire Morning With This Brilliant Face-Swapping iOS App

If you've ever watched the movie Face/Off and desperately wanted to try the same thing—minus the implausible surgery and John Travolta—now's your chance. Yahoo Japan has released Face Stealer, an endlessly amusing iPhone app that uses augmented reality to replace your face with someone else's. And despite being… »3/15/13 8:54am3/15/13 8:54am

A Swarm Of Dummy Cursors Hides Your Laptop Password When In Public

If you're particularly paranoid about someone peeping your computer's password while working in a public place, Japanese researchers have come up with a clever solution to the problem. Instead of using your laptop's keyboard, you use an on-screen pin pad to type your password. But the cursor movement is completely… »3/06/13 8:44am3/06/13 8:44am