How Computers Handle Negative Numbers (and Sometimes Get It Wrong)

The digital world runs on binary. But while numbers made up of ones and zeroes is easy enough to get your head round, what happens when you need to express a negative number in digital form? » 1/29/15 3:30am 1/29/15 3:30am

The Ugliest Christmas Sweaters Use a Little Pixel Magic

Last year, our pal (and former NASA JPL engineer) Mark Rober whipped up the first digital ugly Christmas sweater. Technology being technology, they just got an upgrade. » 12/02/14 12:45pm 12/02/14 12:45pm

These photoshop mashups of humans and animals freak the hell out of me

Italian artist Francesco Sambo's Bestiary is a collection of digitally manipulated pictures where he swaps his head for that of different animals. The resulting beasts can be sometimes creepy, sometimes cute, but always interesting to look at. » 11/10/14 11:30pm 11/10/14 11:30pm

Smartphones Turn These Masks Into Incredible Animated Halloween Costumes

Proving that sometimes all it takes is a popular YouTube video to kickstart a successful business, Mark Rober, the guy who made the gaping hole in your gut costume using two iPads a few years ago, is back with even more easy but impressive costume ideas. And that includes a line of Halloween masks that come to life » 10/09/14 11:00am 10/09/14 11:00am

The Aloof Blackjack Player Who Created Our Digital World

Every digital device you use operates on a string of ones and zeroes, the binary "yes/no" decision at the foundation of modern computing. It's a concept so fundamental to our modern day that we rarely stop to wonder where it came from. But it's all the work of one man: Claude Shannon, whose fascinating story you've… » 6/28/14 8:00pm 6/28/14 8:00pm

Skylock Is the Bike Lock of the Future, and It's Awesome

Bike locks, while incredibly necessary, are way behind the times. Even the best of them will break under brute force, and then where are you? Bikeless and alone. The new Skylock, from ex-Boeing and Jawbone engineers, is about to leapfrog the competition and bring bike protection into the 21st century. It looks amazing. » 5/15/14 12:00pm 5/15/14 12:00pm

These Prints Were Made By Pressing Photo Paper To a Computer Screen

Analog or digital: it's the Thunderdome throw-down of our time. Two formats enter; one format leaves. Either or. Pick a side. Or do like Brooklyn-based artist Job Piston, and use 'em both. Reds is a series of physical prints made on light-sensitive paper pressed up against a computer screen—and they're pretty dang… » 1/24/14 3:40pm 1/24/14 3:40pm

Report: Paramount Pictures Cuts Film, Goes All-Digital in U.S.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Paramount Pictures is the first major Hollywood studio to ditch 35mm film and go all-digital for United States theater releases, with The Wolf of Wall Street being shipped to theaters in digital format only. Sorry film fans, it sounds like that's a wrap. » 1/18/14 2:00pm 1/18/14 2:00pm

Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures

Genius. Photographer Chino Otsuka has discovered the art of time travel. Instead of exploiting a whole in the Space-time continuum to time travel, she simply digitally spliced her adult self into old photographs from her childhood. That way it looked like adult version of Otsuka was meeting child version of Otsuka. So… » 1/10/14 10:29pm 1/10/14 10:29pm

Can You Tell the Difference Between These Film and Digital Animations?

The eternal debate of film versus digital. In a sense, arguing between the two for any practical purpose is pretty much a moot point, since digital has become the go-to in the world of photography. But that doesn't mean it's not fun to compare the two every so often. This series of animations asks you to do just that,… » 12/24/13 7:00pm 12/24/13 7:00pm

Amazon Can Take Away Your Digital Books and Movies Whenever It Wants

In light of the holiday season, what better time than now to remind ourselves to give thanks for all that we have. Although, in the case of any digital goods you've "purchased," maybe don't add those to the list quite yet. Because remember: You don't actually own any of it. » 12/16/13 12:13pm 12/16/13 12:13pm

Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Just Went Digital

Mark Rober has been wowing us for three of years now with his innovative, high-tech Halloween costumes. In fact, he got so good at it that he quit his job at NASA to devote himself to "Digital Dudz" full-time. Now he's applied the cyber-clothing concept to the perennial holiday favorite, the ugly Christmas sweater,… » 12/02/13 12:05pm 12/02/13 12:05pm

Get Your Guts Ripped Out For an Awesome Halloween Costume

Two years ago a NASA engineer named Mark Rober emailed us a halloween costume that used two iPads to make it look like you had a gaping hole in your stomach. This year the system is both more refined, and more gruesome. » 10/07/13 3:24am 10/07/13 3:24am

The Only Fragmentation That Matters (In Charts!)

We can argue about Android fragmentation and conflicting standards all day long, but you know what? Those fights are nothing compared to how broken your own digital life is. » 6/24/13 8:45am 6/24/13 8:45am

The 15 Best Digital Designs of the Year

The Design Museum has announced the contenders for the sixth annual Designs of the Year. And their shortlist for digital showcases some of the most innovative interpretations of technology we've ever seen. » 4/10/13 11:22am 4/10/13 11:22am

10 James Bond Gadgets That Actually Exist—And One That Needs To

There have been 23 Bond movies made In the past 50 years—full of lethal, handy, futuristic, awesome, and sometimes funny gadgets. Most are still too fantastic to be real, but some have transcended the silver screen to become naturalized residents of the Real World. These are our favorites. » 12/17/12 1:20pm 12/17/12 1:20pm

Don't Read Too Much into Newsweek's Digital Retreat

Newsweek's 80th anniversary will be next February, but you won't be able to find a commemorative issue in newsstands or in your mailbox. After December 31st, the weekly magazine will cease to be anything more than bits downloaded to your iPad. » 10/18/12 8:32am 10/18/12 8:32am

Music's Wild Ride: From Sound Waves to Digital Files and Back Again

Digital audio is everywhere in the modern world—telephones, television, sonar, and Spotify. For all the ways it has revolutionized the way we hear, converting the waves to ones and zeros is a surprisingly straightforward process. Here's the science of sound. » 9/04/12 4:00pm 9/04/12 4:00pm

Digital DJs Can Say Goodbye to Wires Forever

Unless you're incredibly organized, it's highly likely that you have different music tracks dotted around different devices, which can turn digital DJing from a celebration of music to a mess of jumbled cables quicker than you can shout "tune". Pioneer's new digital decks, however, swap wires for Wi-Fi. » 8/09/12 7:05am 8/09/12 7:05am

Leaked Canon Mirrorless Camera Just Made Me Excited About Digital…

I have a big Canon DSLR which I never use. I also stopped using my compact a very long time ago, when the iPhone 3G came out—a classic example of convenience winning over quality. But this tiny beauty, Canon's new EOS-M mirrorless camera with EF-M lens mount, is making me droll for a gadget again based on its looks… » 7/20/12 10:03am 7/20/12 10:03am