Windows 93: The Most Fun You'll Ever Have With an Operating System

A few months ago, a pair of French hackers teased a new project called Windows 93. It was a wonderfully weird web-based operating system, some sort of spoof on Windows 95, packed to the gills with insidery internet jokes. And late last night, the digital artists released the full version. It's still wonderfully… »3/06/15 5:05pm3/06/15 5:05pm

These Before and After GIFs Show Just How Fake Ad Photography Can Be

We all know that the modification, retouching, and compositing of photographs is utterly commonplace. But few actually realize the extent to which some advertising imagery is conjured from so many disparate elements. These GIFs prepared by Russian compositor Ashot Gevorkyan reveal the crazy path from reality to… »1/21/15 10:39am1/21/15 10:39am

Inside the Color Factory: My Chat With a Photo Colorizer

Dana Keller is a colorizer. He takes old black-and-white photos and applies his digital paintbrush, transforming them into a new work of art. Colorization of old photos isn't new, but it's becoming increasingly popular on forums like Reddit's r/ColorizedHistory, where people share their colorized creations. But how do… »5/22/14 1:00pm5/22/14 1:00pm

How a Team of Nerds and Artists Uncovered Warhol's Lost Digital Art

Retro-geeks and artists alike were abuzz last month with the news that the Andy Warhol Museum had recovered digital works of art created by Warhol himself some thirty years ago on a Commodore Amiga computer. A new documentary produced by the Carnegie Museum of Art traces the process of digital archeology that revealed… »5/12/14 2:20pm5/12/14 2:20pm

These Beautifully Realistic Flowers Are Actually Pure Code

Digital artist and interaction designer Daniel Brown continues to tweak and evolve his eye-popping series of computer-generated flowers, this time around commissioned by the Art Fund's RENEW program for exhibition at the D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum in Dundee, Scotland. The efflorescing clusters of code are, in… »11/14/13 3:40pm11/14/13 3:40pm

Virtuo Digital Palette Takes The Problems Out of Painting

One of my greatest passions in life is oil painting. I love everything about it—even the smell of turpentine (especially the smell of turpentine). However, for the novice the whole process can be quite daunting. It's messy and mixing the paints correctly requires skill. That is why designer Yana Klimava developed… »10/24/08 12:45pm10/24/08 12:45pm