Sony's Thinnest Walkman Player Ever Has Active Noise Cancellation, Song Suggestion Software

Sony's S-series Walkman is their new high-end digital audio player that is not only their slimmest player to date, but has active noise cancellation and the SensMe music suggestion engine. Sony bundled 13.5mm EX headphones with the S-series players, as well as a pass through cable that connects to an in-flight… »8/28/08 7:00am8/28/08 7:00am

"Noise Killer" Panasonic D-Snap SV-SD870N Runs 100 Hours Per Charge

Panasonic's latest D-Snap audio player, the SV-SD870N, is debuting (in Japan at least) with a trio of cool features, though no Bluetooth:
• It can run for "approximately" 100 hours without needing a recharge.
• It can record directly from music source to SD card when docked.
• It has built-in "noise killer" active… »3/18/08 10:46am3/18/08 10:46am

Olympus LS-10 PCM Stereo Recorder Is a Studio in Your Pocket

Got a guitar for Christmas and plan on becoming the next Bob Dylan? Spring $400 on this little pocket recorder, and you just might. This mean-looking stereo recorder from Olympus weighs 5.8 ounces and can track stereo 24-bit 96kHz linear PCM uncompressed, so you get essentially everything the built-in microphones can… »1/03/08 10:30am1/03/08 10:30am

Rhapsody and Haier Go PC-Free with Ibiza Wi-Fi Music Player

Today Rhapsody and Haier launched the Ibiza Wi-Fi music player, which lets you download Rhapsody tracks via Wi-Fi without connecting to a PC first. This is really good news for Rhapsody users, until now there was no true portable device for managing tracks, though Apple, Microsoft and SanDisk (with Yahoo) have… »11/20/07 10:17am11/20/07 10:17am

Led Zeppelin Changes Tune, Puts Whole Catalog Online

Remember when we told you Led Zeppelin was coming to iTunes in November, but only as a 24-track sampler? Well, that song did not remain the same. Page and Plant (and Jones, if he has a vote) decided that they will release the entire catalog digitally, and not just through iTunes. Starting November 13, all Zep albums… »10/15/07 8:29am10/15/07 8:29am

Peter Gabriel's We7 Music Download Service, Free With "Grafted" Ads

Peter Gabriel is a human-rights champion, a global entrepreneur and a technology aficionado, not to mention the owner of lots of prized (and copyrighted) content, so it's not surprising that he's drawn to that cruel mistress, online music downloading. In search of fairness, Gabriel's company We7 has launched an… »4/30/07 12:00pm4/30/07 12:00pm

Nokia 6315i Music Cellphone Lands on Verizon Wireless: Affordable Musical Fun

Music fans using Verizon Wireless have yet another cookie cutter music cellphone to choose from with the Nokia 6315i. This clamshell features dedicated music buttons and is compatible with Verizon's nickel-and-dime service du jour, V Cast, where users can download all sorts of junk at highly inflated prices using… »10/04/06 9:13am10/04/06 9:13am

Reviewed: iRiver S10 (Verdict: Possibly The Best Money Can Buy)

CNet Asia just reviewed the iRiver S10, generally seen as the one and only possible competitor to Apple's new iPod nano. Typical of iRiver digital audio players, the company has gone to great lengths to ensure that there's enough features here to make you forget that you're not using an iPod. The 1.5-inch screen is… »10/03/06 3:59pm10/03/06 3:59pm