Musinaut Music Player DJs Music According to Your Brainwaves

French company Musinaut wants to make the music you listen to change according to your mood. To achieve this, they have invented a special player capable of reading your brain waves, interpreting them, and then mixing the music to match your state of mind. So if I was using one right now, I would be listening to a… »10/01/08 10:50am10/01/08 10:50am


Olive Media Adds Some Spice to the OPUS Nº5 Digital Music Player

Olive Media teamed up with designer Karim Rashid (the guy with the glasses who's in those Dirt Devil commercials) to release a series of OPUS Nº5 music players with four different psychedelic graphic designs. According to Rashid, the inspiration for his designs came from music itself (we're guessing music from the… »12/05/07 11:20am12/05/07 11:20am

Creative Xmod Promises to Make Your Crappy MP3s Sound Better With X-Fi Technology

Creative claims that its latest invention is able to improve the sound quality of everyday music sources—like the iPod, Zen or just a stack of MP3s residing in your computer—to "beyond the original CD quality." It uses Creative's X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity technology to enhance the sound. Basically, you place the Xmod,… »10/03/06 1:08pm10/03/06 1:08pm

Philips SA4000 Digital Audio Player Has 512MB of Memory, Not Much Else

Philips must be trying to redefine the term "entry-level" with is SA4000 digital audio player, which sports a massive amount of built-in storage—512MB— and a seven-color backlit screen. Something called a AAA battery supplies the DAP with power and it's rated to last for 10 hours. Thank God it PlaysforSure. No price… »10/02/06 4:06pm10/02/06 4:06pm

Panasonic D-Snap: Noise-Canceling Digital Audio Player

Panasonic announced D-Snap, a noise-canceling digital audio player that lets you listen to high-quality sound without having to overcome ambient noise levels with high volume. Music is stored on a removable SD card rather than a hard disc or internal flash memory, probably a good decision given the plummeting prices… »8/29/06 10:11am8/29/06 10:11am

Trekstor Vibez Digital Audio Player Looks Odd, Might Actually Be Good

Trekstor, the same company that brought us that Depeche Mode digital audio player, is coming out with yet another odd DAP, the Vibez. Available in an 8GB and 15GB version, the Vibez, aside from looking rather odd, is trying to make a name for itself with its support for FLAC and Ogg Vorbis. Throw in the usual MP3 and… »8/28/06 2:15pm8/28/06 2:15pm