Sanyo Xacti ICR-PS285RM Digital Audio Recorder Stores 2GB of your BS

Sanyo extends its Xacti brand, formerly reserved for various cameras, into digital audio recorders with its Xacti ICR-PS285RM. It stores 2GB of your ramblings in MP3, PCM, WMA, or DRM10-WMA formats. The company says this slim voice recorder is able to save CD-quality audio, and we like the fact that it has a USB plug… » 2/21/07 7:57am 2/21/07 7:57am

Zoom H4 Mobile Recorder: Hotshot Audio in the Palm of Your Hand

The Zoom H4 mobile recorder packs a lot of recording punch into its six-inch size, with professional features such as four track recording, two XLR inputs and phantom power. » 10/04/06 10:13am 10/04/06 10:13am