Comcast Is Going to Start Encrypting Basic Cable Data

There are about to be some very unhappy Comcast customers scattered around the country—because the cable provider has just begun to notify customers in several of its markets that it's about to start encrypting basic cable data. In other words: time for a new box, suckers. » 4/15/13 12:27pm 4/15/13 12:27pm

FCC Extends Analog TV Support Until 2012

The previously mandated analog TV cutoff date of 2009 has just been extended by the FCC, meaning that even though broadcasters (the people like NBC who send out the shows) will be dropping the analog feed, cable operators (the local cable companies that take your money every month) will still have to support old ass… » 9/12/07 3:46pm 9/12/07 3:46pm

Comcast Forcing Subscribers to Switch to Digital

The cable company we all love to hate is trying to finagle a few extra bucks from its change-fearing customers by forcing them to switch to digital cable in order to get HBO. You could argue most people are already on some sort of digital plan, but most of my pokey, tech-fearing relatives are still on nondigital… » 3/22/07 2:33pm 3/22/07 2:33pm