Stunning First Images From the World's Most Powerful Digital Camera

Sat on top of a mountain in Chile is the world's most powerful digital camera. Known as the Dark Energy Camera, it's recently been fired up to image the night sky, in an attempt to find the exotic stuff that gets all physicists excited. These are the first images it's produced. And they're magnificent. » 9/18/12 8:20am 9/18/12 8:20am

Explaining What the Hell F-Stop Is, and How It Can Change Your…

F-stop is to photography beginners what inorganic chemistry is to an MFA graduate: some kind of black magic that only makes sense to experts. That said, I'm sure plenty of seasoned photographers use f-stop numbers without knowing what they really mean, too. But no more, because this video explains the concept in a way … » 4/03/12 5:13am 4/03/12 5:13am

The M9-P Is the Full-Frame Leica for Street Ninjas

The Leica M9-P is just like the original M9—still the world's smallest full-frame digital camera and still absurdly expensive—but with one major difference: (Almost) nobody will know it's a Leica. » 6/21/11 3:02pm 6/21/11 3:02pm

Sony's NEX-C3 Is the Smallest and Lightest Interchangeable Lens Camera

That's the smallest and lightest with an APS-C sized sensor, anyway. Adding on to the wildly-popular NEX range of ultra-portables, the NEX-C3 has a 16.2MP sensor, and weighs just 225g—that's 6 per cent less than the previous NEX model. » 6/08/11 3:10am 6/08/11 3:10am

Lightning Review: Fujifilm W3 3D Camera

So, my first thought after shooting Fuji's W3 3D camera was how it would usher in a new era of athlete dong shots. But, the W3's not quite ready for the world—or maybe it's the other way around. » 12/24/10 8:00am 12/24/10 8:00am

Limited Edition Pentax K-7 Camera Forgets Silver Isn't a Rare Color In…

I'd be more excited if this special limited edition color was a never-seen-before color, but alas Pentax thinks the camera world can still get excited about silver. Or maybe silver is rare in Japan, where this model is launching? » 2/22/10 10:57am 2/22/10 10:57am