Digital TV Converter Coupons From Uncle Sam Available Now, Old People Rejoice

Old people love coupons, especially ones worth 40 bucks, which buys a lot of Metamucil. They're also the people most likely to need digital converter boxes for analog sets to receive digital over-the-air broadcasts after Feb. 2009. So I'm happy to report that your gramps you can pick up his $40 coupon for the box here »1/02/08 4:40pm1/02/08 4:40pm


RCA DTA800 Digital Converter for Analog TVs Updated, Delayed

We kinda forgot all about this little box for old folks with old TVs that was announced way back at CES and promised by the end of this year. It's got a fresh paint job and later street date (January), dropping a little more than a year before analog broadcasts shutdown in 2009 in favor of all-digital broadcasts,… »11/13/07 9:40pm11/13/07 9:40pm