Netflix: Rental-by-Mail Has Five Years Left (Subtext: Discs Have Five Years Left)

At Netflix Investor Day, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed their timeline for the end of the rental-by-mail biz, and why they're digging so hard into digital distribution: It "will probably peak in the next five years." Taken more broadly, it's more or less predicting that the real end of physical media is in T minus… »5/28/08 4:10pm5/28/08 4:10pm

Sir Paul "Pretty Sure" Beatles Catalog Hits iTunes, Other Stores in 2008

Paul McCartney just told Billboard that digital distribution of the Beatles back catalog is happening in 2008, and that the legal hurdles were already mostly cleared. Of course, he did qualify that with an "I'm pretty sure..." Here's what he told Billboard: »11/15/07 11:41am11/15/07 11:41am

He also says that the delay isn't because of problems, but…

Digital Distribution Tangling Up Writers Guild of America Talks, Strike Looms

In case you were unawares, the contract between Hollywood producers and the Writers Guild of America was supposed to expire a few hours ago, leading to a possible strike, meaning bad things could happen. One of the major issues is digital content and distribution—after getting screwed over by the terms of how they… »11/01/07 3:15am11/01/07 3:15am

Straight From Sam Walton's Mouth: New Details on Wal-Mart Movie Download Service

We have a lot of new details about Wal-Mart's movie download service—it is, as some feared, not as full-featured as we would have hoped, but it was repeatedly emphasized throughout the conversation that the service is very much in the "early beta stage," so they're "primarily focused on... improving what [they]… »2/06/07 6:00pm2/06/07 6:00pm

Breaking! Wal-Mart First to Offer Digital Movies From All "Big Six" Studios

Click to view Interrupting my sleep and scoring a major coup in digital distribution—one not even his Jobsness has pulled off (yet)—Wal-Mart has become the first (and thus far, only) digital distributor to go into business with all six major studios: Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony, 20th Century Fox and… »2/06/07 3:30am2/06/07 3:30am