Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS: Entry-Level Elph Gets Image Stabilizer and Five Color Choices

Last year, Canon's entry-level Digital Elph was the 7-megapixel PowerShot SD1000. Priced at $250, it was thin and pretty but not quite a powerhouse. This year, the SD1100 IS adds image stabilization without growing more than a millimeter in thickness, and bumps the sensor up to 8 megapixels. »1/23/08 11:00pm1/23/08 11:00pm

Canon Rolls Out Two 7.1MP Digital Elph Cameras: the SD750 and SD1000

Canon just updated its Digital Elph line of point-and-shoot digital cameras with the SD750 ($350) and SD1000 ($300), both set to ship in March. They're both offered in the original stainless steel but now also are available in this two-tone black and silver motif that Canon has dreamed up. Both cameras have a 3x… »2/22/07 7:51am2/22/07 7:51am

Canon PowerShot SD900 Digital Elph Reviewed (Verdict: 10-Megapixel Excellence)

In a huge 6217-word review that's practically long enough to be published into a book, Let'sGoDigital took a highly-detailed look at the Canon IXUS 900Ti (known in the US as the Canon PowerShot SD900 Digital ELPH) compact digital camera, and gave it a big thumbs-up. After reading the review for the better part of the… »10/24/06 10:00am10/24/06 10:00am

Canon Intros SD900, SD800 and SD40 Digital Elph Cameras

Canon rolled out its next three Digital Elphs today, headed up by the SD900, or as it will be known outside the US, the Digital IXUS 900 Ti. As you may have guessed, that "Ti" stands for titanium, giving the 10-megapixel compact shooter an especially elegant look. The SD900 keeps that 2.5-inch LCD viewscreen of its… »9/14/06 11:10am9/14/06 11:10am