How Game of Thrones Crafted Last Season's Emmy-Winning Visual Effects

Game of Thrones walked away from the Emmys last week with four of the biggest technical awards, including a very well-deserved win for best visual effects. One team responsible has posted some of their process videos from season 4. Let's just say it looks tougher than conquering the walled city of Meereen. »9/02/14 12:19pm9/02/14 12:19pm


A Viral-Video Making Comedy Group Takes Aim at Hollywood with Help from the RED Camera

Derrick is a comedy trio who's been making short comedic videos for the web for a few years. You've probably seen at least a few of them »10/01/08 2:40pm10/01/08 2:40pm in the past. But now, they've set their sights higher: they want out of the internet comedy ghetto and into the mainstream. How're they going to do that? By making their own…