Digital Foci Pocket OLED Photo Frames

The Basics: OLED Picture frames! The 2.8-inch screen has a wrist strap, and works as an alarm clock and calendar. The 1.5-inch version has a keychain. They hold 3000 and 120 photos, and have 10000:1 and 1000:1 contrast ratios, respectively. Rechargeable.
The Catch: The $50 1.5-inch screen form factor is the one I… » 1/04/08 8:20pm 1/04/08 8:20pm

Digital Foci Set To Launch 3 New "Image Moments" Digital Frames

Digital photo frames might not be the most exciting gadgets on the planet, but they're one of those products everyone can get into —even Grandma. So lets get to the newness, shall we? Digital Foci is set to introduce three new frames at this year's CES. The best of the bunch is definitely the Image Moments 15 with a… » 12/27/07 8:00pm 12/27/07 8:00pm

Digital Foci Picture Porter Elite

Why lug a PC with you everywhere you go, when you can offload your photos onto a Digital Foci Picture Porter Elite? This is one versatile unit, compatible with almost all flash memory cards, a veritable alphabet soup including CF I/II, MD, MMC, SD Card, miniSD, Memory Stick, MS PRO, MS Duo and MS PRO Duo. You can also… » 7/25/06 11:35am 7/25/06 11:35am

Digital Foci Memory Card Travel Case

With all the gadgets you have to carry with you on vacation—cellphone, camera, camcorder, laptop, PDA, GPS—worrying about where you placed that SD the last thing you want to think about. Now you can place them all in one secure location, the Memory Card Travel Case, to make sure they're not lost or damaged in transit. » 7/07/06 3:26pm 7/07/06 3:26pm

Media Buddy Stores Lots of Pics

If you are looking to drop some cash on a device that stores images, check out Digital Foci's Media Buddy, a hard disc drive that lets you copy and store photos from a memory card without any wires. The backlit LCD shows text only, so you can't view any pics (but we all know how useful it is to see that CIMG0351.JPG… » 11/21/05 8:19am 11/21/05 8:19am