How to Leave All Your Accounts to Someone Else When You Die

Here's a sobering thought: You're not going to be around forever. So who gets all those emails, photos and rocking tunes you've been amassing over the course of your life? Here's how to prepare pass on your digital estate to your next of kin on all the major platforms before you shuffle off this mortal coil. »2/23/15 10:46am2/23/15 10:46am


The Right Way to Disconnect from Technology on Your Next Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while. It's healthy and you should take one if you haven't this year. Beach? Sure. Europe? Go for it. Hell, pitch a tent in your own backyard and don't talk to anyone for a weekend if that's all you can manage. But a vacation isn't a vacation unless you really really get away… »8/23/13 3:40pm8/23/13 3:40pm

Ziff Davis' DigitalLife Gadget Show Cancelled For 2008

Tech reporters are often caught in tradeshow gridlock: Just as one is ending, another is beginning. This year, the load is lightened a bit by one of them, the Ziff Davis publishing group's own DigitalLife, getting cut at the last minute. We asked why, but in the meantime, we can only guess the reasons: Primarily, we… »8/21/08 2:59pm8/21/08 2:59pm

Jive is Hardware-Based System to Get Grandpa Social-Networking

I thought silver-surfers were one of the fastest rising 'netted sectors of society, but designer Ben Arent thinks there are technophobic grandparents who could do with a helping hand. His Jive system integrates hardware-based social networking gizmos with a simple router to make everything a bit simpler. The idea is… »5/20/08 11:00am5/20/08 11:00am

Mio DigiWalker C720T Navi Has 2MP Camera to Geocache Your Memories

Mio is taking advantage of the combo of GPS and the digital camera in the DigiWalker C720T. Take a picture with the 2-megapixel cam on its back, and it becomes a navigable point of interest, so you can return to that one romantic spot (or the scene of the crime). This GPS navi, introduced today at DigitalLife, also… »9/27/07 1:50pm9/27/07 1:50pm

Niveus EDGE Media Center Extender Does 1080p, is Whisper Quiet, But No Wireless N

The fourth and final MCE extender is by niveus is the best looking, has 3 USB ports which is two more than what you probably need for thumbdrive playback, and best of all passive cooling. The passive cooling, if it is like the type in the full sized Niveus Media Center PCs, it uses heatpipes that go from processor… »9/27/07 11:58am9/27/07 11:58am

Hands On New Cisco Linksys Wireless-N Media Center Extenders (Plus: Some Tasty New N-Friendly Toys)

You may have heard about the new Media Center Extenders from Cisco's Linksys division. The DMA2200 shown above is a high-def MCE with 1080p-upscaling DVD player and Dual-Band Wireless-N, priced at $350. The smaller $300 DMA2100 MCE is geared for bedrooms and kitchens, places where you're going to want less clutter,… »9/27/07 12:01am9/27/07 12:01am

Aphrodite Project Techie Hooker Platforms Re-emerge at Digital Life

We've heard about the Aphrodite Project before, where hooker platform shoes go high-tech in addition to alot of other arty stuff. The shoes first appeared in a show in New York last May and also surfaced at Siggraph graphics fest last summer. Now, they've re-appeared at Digital Life in New York, and pictures from… »9/28/06 9:41am9/28/06 9:41am