MP3-Playing, Photo Frame Skull Belt Buckle is Gothic Gadget Wrongness

Sadly this doesn't have "I am become death, the bringer of MP3s" inscribed upon it—it'd chime nicely with the ohmygod tackiness of the Digital Skull Belt Buckle. It's in fact so terrible it's wonderful: A metal belt-buckle in the shape of a skull with interchangeable modules in a cutout in the forehead. One's a cheesy… »11/17/08 5:52am11/17/08 5:52am

Digital Photo Bauble Lets You Spice-Up Christmas Trees With Inappropriate Pics

This is a 21st Century Christmas tree bauble: There's a 1.4-inch screen in there, powered by AAA batteries and 8MB of USB-accessed storage, and it's capable of showing slideshows of your pictures. Out now for around $12 each. Which is cheap enough that you could have a bunch of them on the tree, among the innocent… »11/12/08 1:00pm11/12/08 1:00pm

The Non-Digital Photo Frame, Because We Have a Planet to Save

Everybody has a digital photo frame these days. Even at 32 inches »10/03/08 3:15pm10/03/08 3:15pm, they impress no one. So keep your eyes out for the next trend, which we humbly suggest could be photo frames. Making a brief appearance around the turn of the century, these frames accepted one analog picture but were able to run without a source of…

Smartpants 32-inch Wi-Fi Picture Frame...Can We Just Call It a TV?

This 32-inch Wi-Fi picture frame may look like a TV, but as your guests will quickly (sadly) discover, it's just a frame to show off your family photos. Easily paired to a wireless router, the display is compatible with Windows Live Photo Gallery as well as proprietary image software that can wirelessly copy photos… »9/24/08 8:44am9/24/08 8:44am

Polaroid Instant Digital Picture Frame Is the Only Frame I Want

The Polaroid instant digital picture frame is just that, a digital screen in the shape and size of an old Polaroid instant photo (my favorite.) It may not seem as ingenious as the Digital Jewel Box, but we can't resist its retro charm, and the possibility of writing messages on its dry erase surface. Not to talk about… »2/27/08 7:00am2/27/08 7:00am

Telepresence Frame: A Black Box for Life Support Patients

Someone finally found a good use for a digital picture frame. The Telepresence Frame by Revital Cohen displays a live-feed of a patient's vital stats for his or her entire family to see. Cohen, an artist studying the increasing relationship between humans and machines, shows through the frame that a patient on life… »2/08/08 9:55am2/08/08 9:55am

Prinics' Digital Photo Frame Has Onboard Printer, Speakers, Plays 'Baby Got Back'

What's better than a digital photo frame that takes in SD, MS, MMC and XD cards to plaster your loved ones on an 8-inch LCD? One that also includes a photo printer on board. The back of this PhotoBox has a 300x300dpi printer, which shoots out snaps at a rate of 1 every 42 seconds. As an especially tacked-on bonus,… »1/10/08 10:00am1/10/08 10:00am

Parrot DF7700 MMS Digital Photo Frame Shows Pics from Cellphones

Here's one more way to send photos to a digital photo frame: The Parrot DF7700 thinks it's a cellphone—it even has its own phone number—and you can send it pics in an MMS message from any other cellphone. Its 7-inch frame (a similar 7" Bluetooth-friendly frame is pictured here) is big enough to show you just how bad… »10/23/07 9:26am10/23/07 9:26am