Motorola Embeds CDMA Femtocell into Digital Photo Frame

I have to hand it to the guys at Motorola for coming up with the idea to integrate a femtocell and a VoIP soft phone into a digital photo frame. Femtocells »9/24/08 5:20pm9/24/08 5:20pm help cover weak spots in a cellular network by sending calls over the internet—which is a good idea except that it would involve yet another device cluttering up…

HP Portable Digital Picture Frame Lets You Take Your Pics on the Go

OK, OK...so it's another damn digital photo frame, but bear with me. Equipped with a 3.5-inch, 320x240 display, it may not do anything that the average frame doesn't, yet it's appealing to the eye. It's simple design is appropriate for its overall lack of complexity — it has a USB 2.0 port, MP3 support, a single SD… »9/16/08 12:00am9/16/08 12:00am

Sony Vaio Photo Frame Brings Internet Radio, RSS News to Your Mantlepiece

Sending another (admittedly pretty) digital picture frame into an already overcrowded, under-innovated field, Sony has announced is $300 Vaio CP1, which boasts wireless networking, RSS feed integration and - most interestingly - Shoutcast radio streaming. The picture display capabilities are also above average, as the… »9/03/08 7:00pm9/03/08 7:00pm

Kodak Photo Frames Come Pre-Loaded With Pics (Yours, Dummy)

While we recognize that digital photo frames are at the least tech's spammiest product, and at the most a sure sign of the Apocalypse, Kodak has come up with a very good idea for its frames: 100 pre-loaded photos. And not just generic mountainscapes and shots of strangers posing on beaches, either. When you order your… »5/13/08 10:40am5/13/08 10:40am

Inevitable: The Bastard Offspring of a Fridge Magnet and Digital Photo Frame

Digital picture frames are deepening their grip on society... they're bored with being on your keychain and desk, now they've got designs on your fridge door. Meet fridge magnet digital picture frames and try not to scream. Expensive fridges with built in LCD screens? No... just chuck a couple of these up and you can… »4/09/08 7:35am4/09/08 7:35am

20 Million Digital Photo Frames to be Sold to 20 Million Tacky Idiots in 2008

It's official: you people have no taste. How else to explain that 20 million digital photo frames are expected to be sold in 2008? Yes, 20,000,000 digital photo frames, the red-headed stepchildren of the consumer electronics world, will soon adorn the walls of McMansions in every backwater suburb in the country. »2/04/08 1:45pm2/04/08 1:45pm

Toshiba's Tekbright Photo Frame for Finger Strolls Down Memory Lane

Digital photo frames can be boring, but Toshiba's Tekbright pumps up the features with a 7" touchscreen LCD display with 720x480 resolution. The translation of Toshiba's French site was unhelpful: the Tekbright was oddly described as "retro," and we still don't know why, if it's a touchscreen, it has an array of… »12/03/07 12:25pm12/03/07 12:25pm

Ceiva 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame Now $2,248, Comes with Fridge

Digital-picture frame pioneer Ceiva is jumping the gun on Whirlpool's latest refrigerator announcement, called "centralpark" I believe. The concept has been shown off before, but this is its first production application: it's got a modular interface at the top, and Ceiva (and presumably others) have built something to… »9/26/07 10:28pm9/26/07 10:28pm

ThinkGeek to Make Amends for Defective PF Digital eStarling Photo Frames

The ugly duckling of digital photo frames, the PF Digital eStarling, has gone into full recall mode, where its online retailer ThinkGeek will graciously exchange all of the original defective units that were shipped with a new version 2.0 model sometime next month. It looks like most of the problems with the first… »2/21/07 7:39am2/21/07 7:39am