HDR Is Ruining Your Photos

High Dynamic Range photography represents the incredible feats that can be accomplished with digital imaging. But! HDR abuse is also responsible for some of the most horrendous displays of photographic over-indulgence. This must stop. » 6/27/14 11:20am 6/27/14 11:20am

The 10 Most Important Digital Cameras of All Time

This time of year, when new digital cameras are being released left and right, is a great opportunity to look back on those pioneering shooters that led the charge from photochemical to digital supremacy. PopPhoto has a great rundown of the 30 most important digital cameras of all time. Here are our 10 favorites. » 10/30/13 11:00am 10/30/13 11:00am

How to Use Your Smartphone to Get Better Pictures with a Real Camera

Most people just use the camera in their smartphone out of sheer convenience, but some of us prefer the superior image quality of a standalone camera. Can’t decide between the two? There is a middle ground: with a few apps, tips, and techniques, your smartphone can connect to your camera to shoot and share a whole lot… » 10/21/13 8:30pm 10/21/13 8:30pm

Do You Have Digital Photos of Yourself As a Kid?

Who doesn't love baby pictures? It's fun and nostalgic to remember what you were like as a kid. But do you keep your baby pictures stored on your computer or are they squirreled away in a yellowing album in the basement of your parents house? » 6/21/13 8:00pm 6/21/13 8:00pm

Panasonic's New Lumix FZ150 Is a Super-Zoom Killer for Only $500

As much as Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds lineup has our attention, the non-interchangeable gear out there is looking pretty good. Case in point: the brand new FZ150, which packs a 12MP sensor, lens-mounted controls, and 24x optical zoom for $500. » 8/26/11 1:00am 8/26/11 1:00am

This Is What It Looks Like When Your Camera Phone Vibrates

Has gravity collapse upon itself, distorting the entire temporal realm and melting the whole world into pudding? No, this guy just got an email on his phone—and some serious vibration—while he was trying to snap a pic. » 8/20/11 12:00am 8/20/11 12:00am

Panasonic's New Lumix G3 Snaps Snappier Shots (and Loves to Be Touched)

Panasonic's newest Micro Four Thirds cam is a mostly-incremental boost over its predecessor, the G2. But improved specs on an already solid base is good news. The G3 brings a new sensor, faster shots, less noise, and a touch-heavy interface. » 5/12/11 4:00am 5/12/11 4:00am

Things You Can Do With Your Instagram Photos

Instagram, the photo-centric social network, is pretty fun on its own. But did you know you can turn the photos you share on Instagram into tangible, real world objects? » 4/29/11 2:40pm 4/29/11 2:40pm

This Is What it Takes to Shoot Royal Love

In case you weren't aware, two very rich and good looking people in England just got married, and everyone in the world went into a frenzy about their hats and hair and shoes. So photos were key! Here's the gear. » 4/29/11 10:20am 4/29/11 10:20am

Take Awesome Pinhole Photos With This $40 Micro Four Thirds Lens

OK, the Pinwide might not be a micro four thirds lens so much as its a cap, but its end function is the same: it allows you to take pretty looking, wide angle shots of objects through a tiny aperture. » 4/28/11 8:20pm 4/28/11 8:20pm

Leaked Images Reveal New NEX-C3 Is a Giant-Flashed Beauty

Camera rumormongers have gotten their paws on leaked shots of the new NEX-C3, and it's rather purty. Guts-wise, it'll pack the same 16.2MP sensor as its predecessor, but adds that splendid external flash. [DP Review via CrunchGear] » 4/22/11 3:22pm 4/22/11 3:22pm

Eye-Fi's Direct Beam Mode Now Works

When the Eye-Fi X2 wi-fi SD card appeared, it introduced a new feature, Direct Beam, which opens a direct connection with Android and IOS smartphones and tablets. Now the necessary apps for those devices have arrived. [Rob Galbraith via Engadget] » 4/20/11 6:37pm 4/20/11 6:37pm

This Is the World's Smallest Instagram Gallery

Eudora Welty once said, "A good snapshot stops a moment from running away." It's also hard for the moment to run away if it's extremely tiny, as is the case with this iPod Nano turned diminutive digital photo gallery. » 1/19/11 5:00pm 1/19/11 5:00pm

Samsung's NX11 Moves the Controls to the Lens

Samsung's got some minor camera updates ahead of CES—the WB700, a skinny point and shoot with a big lens that's a sequel to this camera, and the NX11, a successor to Samsung's Micro Four Thirds fighter, the mirrorless, lens-swappable NX10. » 12/28/10 7:00pm 12/28/10 7:00pm

Put Your Camera on Canon's Prototype Dock and Watch it Magically Charge…

Well, it's inductive charging, not magic. But Canon's Cross Media dock looks like a particularly sweet implementation, letting you not only juice up to three cameras or camcorders sans wires, but suck down and share your pics and vids too. » 10/14/10 6:40pm 10/14/10 6:40pm

Canon's Omnidirectional Camera Is a 50 Megapixel Eye That Looks…

Panoramic photography can be tricky. What's better? Canon's camera that shoots a single, 360° image. The tech uses a giant, 50 megapixel CMOS sensor and aspheric mirror to capture a sharp, sweeping photo, exceeding the human eye's measly 120° view. » 9/02/10 2:40pm 9/02/10 2:40pm

The World's New Fastest SDHC Memory Card

Reading at a maximum of 95MB/s and writing at 80MB/s, the new Toshiba SDHC UHS-I memory cards are the fastest in the world. Now, good luck finding a camera that can saturate that kind of bandwidth. » 9/02/10 10:18am 9/02/10 10:18am

Unannounced Canon G12 Leaked

Thanks to a press release screwup, daylight has been shed on Canon's G12—the camera's first mention it. The G12 will sport the same 10 megapixel sensor as the S95, manual exposure controls, and 720p video recording. [Canon Rumors via CrunchGear] » 8/19/10 4:44pm 8/19/10 4:44pm

Second-Gen Nikon S1100pj Projector Camera Leaked

An impending update to the mini-projector sporting S1000pj we adored is on its way, according to leaked images by German mag Foto Digital. The S1100pj will add a touch screen and remote control, as well as other unrevealed improvements. » 8/16/10 10:01am 8/16/10 10:01am