The Way We Deal With Photos Is Broken. This Company Wants to Fix It

Think back to the last wedding you went to. Or the last birthday party. Even the last nice dinner. Odds are you took multiple photos, dozens even. Maybe you even uploaded one to Instagram. But have you looked at any of them since? Or sent them to anyone? Probably not. And if you did, it wasn't particularly easy. »10/28/14 11:00am10/28/14 11:00am


T-Mobile Cameo: Now Even Your Digital Picture Frame Needs a Cellphone Plan

The Cameo is T-Mobile's $100 digital picture frame that's loaded with a GSM cellphone tech. Users, who are willing to fork over $10 a month for a subscription, will be able to snap shots on their phones and have the pictures automagically beamed to their Cameo. For those who ditch out on the subscription, the Cameo is… »10/06/08 2:30pm10/06/08 2:30pm

$840 32-inch Digital Photo Frame is Complete Idiot Bait

News flash, guys: a 32-inch Digital Photo Frame is actually a really crappy HDTV with all the tuners and inputs pulled out of it. It is not a photo frame. Selling it as such is a way to use the products weaknesses as its selling point and to remove money from the wallets of the rich and stupid. Seriously, this thing… »6/24/08 10:15am6/24/08 10:15am

Kodak Photo Frames Come Pre-Loaded With Pics (Yours, Dummy)

While we recognize that digital photo frames are at the least tech's spammiest product, and at the most a sure sign of the Apocalypse, Kodak has come up with a very good idea for its frames: 100 pre-loaded photos. And not just generic mountainscapes and shots of strangers posing on beaches, either. When you order your… »5/13/08 10:40am5/13/08 10:40am

Inevitable: The Bastard Offspring of a Fridge Magnet and Digital Photo Frame

Digital picture frames are deepening their grip on society... they're bored with being on your keychain and desk, now they've got designs on your fridge door. Meet fridge magnet digital picture frames and try not to scream. Expensive fridges with built in LCD screens? No... just chuck a couple of these up and you can… »4/09/08 7:35am4/09/08 7:35am

An Unfortunate Grope of SmartParts' Fugly Digital Photo Frame/Printer

Digital photo frames were the spammiest product spam at CES, lurking around every corner with their crappiness so I still have a biley taste in my mouth. SmartParts' efforts to pile crappy function atop crappy function with a built-in photo printer, unsurprisingly just amounts to one big crapgasm. On the front, it… »1/31/08 9:30pm1/31/08 9:30pm

RealEase Shogo Frame Is First With Touchscreen and Wi-Fi

Though we're prone to turn our nose up at the majority of digital picture frames, this one doesn't smell so bad. The Euro-born Shogo by RealEase is like an oversized PDA with built-in Wi-Fi and an intuitive touch interface. You can subscribe to public Flickr feeds, download weather forecasts, stream internet radio.… »1/08/08 1:08pm1/08/08 1:08pm

Audiovox's Digital Message Centers Let You Leave Videos for Your Family

Audiovox's Digital Picture Frame/Message Board that we showed you recently has just been made official. In fact, it announced two different versions of it. One allows you to record video messages, the other just audio messages. The video version, the DPF711K, will sell for $200 which the DPF710k audio-only version… »1/07/08 12:00pm1/07/08 12:00pm

Smartparts Shows Giant 32-Inch Digital Picture Frame

We've seen big digital picture frames before, but Smartparts takes the prize for biggest one yet: a 32-inch digital picture frame that'll be rolling out at CES 2008. The 16:9 LCD panel has a resolution of 1366x768, which might look pretty good if you don't get too close. It has another neat twist, the ability to feed… »1/03/08 10:00am1/03/08 10:00am

Digital Photo Wallet Still Has Obnoxious Pictures of the Kiddos

Flipping out the accordion of pictures of your kids (or cats for the singles) is no more. This $50 wallet comes with a small digital photo frame that can hold up to 55 pictures. Connect it via USB for picture transfer and for recharging. The 1.4-inch screen is just small enough to prove that you can actually… »4/24/07 4:15pm4/24/07 4:15pm

eNecessities Digital Photo Cube for Giveaway Swagmeisters

You know digital photo frames are getting to be a commodity when they're designed for corporations to give them away as branding tools. That's what the eNecessities photo cube is, with its 1x1-inch LCD screen and 1.5 inches of space for branding just above that display. It holds about 30 digital photos, fed into it… »2/20/07 12:15pm2/20/07 12:15pm