Kodak Wireless OLED Picture Frames Boast 30,000:1 Contrast Ratio

While OLEDs are still a little too small to be used as full fledged television sets, there's at least one job where the high-resolution, vividly colored screens function incomparably-as high end digital picture frames! Kodak's new ultra-thin 7.6-inch OLED Wireless panel boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio, 800x480 resolution,… »9/17/08 12:01am9/17/08 12:01am


Photograph-to-Digital-Picture Converter Sounds A Lot Like "Scanner"

Goofy gadget masters Hammacher Schlemmer are back at it again with a Photograph-to-Digital-Picture Converter that takes your old paper snapshots, and well, digitizes them. Now we know what you're thinking—isn't this just a scanner with a more complicated name?—and at first, I was inclined to agree. But digging deeper… »4/22/08 3:30pm4/22/08 3:30pm

Bring 2D Pictures Into the Third Dimension With The EZ3D Picture Frame

It used to be that you'd be burned at the stake if you tried to perform such brazen acts of witchcraft, but since that is no longer the case, feel free to give the EZ3D Picture Frame from DigiGear a try. The picture frame works in conjunction with DigiGear's software that plays dress up with your digital pictures.… »7/25/06 10:05am7/25/06 10:05am