Major Studios Helping to Pay For Huge Digital Projector Upgrade in Theaters

Next year, you can expect your local theater to get a bunch more digital projectors, upgrading from the trusty old film-based projectors of old. They'll be doing this thanks in part to the major studios, who are helping foot the bill for several thousand $70,000 digital projectors in Regal, AMC and Cinemark theaters.… »10/01/08 1:25pm10/01/08 1:25pm


Epson Adds Moviemate 55 to Projector Lineup, 3LCD Tech, Built-in DVD

Epson's just added to its Moviemate »8/27/08 6:59am8/27/08 6:59am lineup of digital projectors with the 55 model. It uses a three-chip 3LCD system for high image quality, a new E-TORL lamp that can blaze up to 1,200 lumens, and has a built-in stereo speakers and DVD player. That's where its interesting though, since that player is just standard…