Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS: A Great DSLR For Cost-Conscious Noobs

Canon Japan today unveils the EOS Digital Rebel XS, a little brother to the critically praised Rebel XSi DSLR camera. This is good news for everyone but Nikon. When I reviewed the Canon XSi, the only thing that saddened me was its price tag, $200 more than the Nikon D60, but with enough performance to merit the step… »6/10/08 12:00am6/10/08 12:00am

Canon Digital Rebel XS/1000D Entry-Level DSLR Specs (Like an XTi + Live View)

More supposed info on the supra-entry level Rebel XS (1000D) DSLR Canon's rumored to be cooking up as a replacement for the XTi: The specs are just like the XTi, but with Live View tacked on. A 10.1MP sensor with a Digic III processor, 7-point AF, 3FPS bursts, 2.5-inch LCD (what, no screen love?), XSi-esque menus and… »5/21/08 6:52pm5/21/08 6:52pm

New Entry-Level Canon Digital Rebel XS (1000D) DSLR Coming?

The most recent software update to Canon's Digital Photo Professional contained a reference in the help file to a previously unheard of DSLR, the Canon Rebel XS, aka 1000D. The old and crusty Rebel XTi is currently still hanging around as Canon's most entry-level DSLR (below the XSi)—the XS might be the fresh pony to… »5/14/08 4:58pm5/14/08 4:58pm

Entry-Level DSLR Battlemodo: Canon Rebel XSi vs. Sony Alpha a350 vs. Nikon D60 vs. Olympus E-420

This month, four eagerly awaited cameras all hit the market with a big ole thud: Canon's EOS Digital Rebel XSi, Sony's Alpha a350, Nikon's D60 and Olympus' E-420. They are not all evenly matched on paper, as you will see, and they certainly vary in price. But what's different about them, really? They are all aimed at… »4/14/08 10:40pm4/14/08 10:40pm

Canon Expands Rebel Alliance With Live View 12-Megapixel EOS XSi

The rumors are true. Canon's took power features from the high-end EOS models and creature comforts from the PowerShot line, and merged them into the 12.2-megapixel EOS Rebel XSi DSLR, with Live View LCD view-finding (previously only seen on EOS-1D Mark III and 40D), a 3" LCD screen with 230,000 pixels, and the Digic… »1/23/08 11:00pm1/23/08 11:00pm

Canon Announcing Digital Rebel XTi or EOS 5D Successor Jan. 24

Swedish Canon exec Robert Westin has apparently told the (also Swedish) site Kamerabild that Canon's announcing a new DSLR on Jan. 24, a week before PMA. The obvious choices are updates to either the Digital Rebel XTi (aka EOS 400D) or EOS 5D, since they're the two DSLR lines that've gone the longest without an update. »12/17/07 11:50am12/17/07 11:50am