The Price is Right Will Lose 3.5M Viewers Come DTV Switch

Out of the 300 million Americans in the United states, 3.5 million are still not ready for the DTV switch come June 12. Is that 3.5 million people or households? Either way, 3.5 million is quite a lot, considering my non-english speaking nanny is already all over her digital converter. Get with it, people. [Switched] » 5/04/09 10:00pm 5/04/09 10:00pm

Elgato Shrinks EyeTV Digital TV Dongle, Now MacBook Air-Friendly

Elgato has shrunk the tech in their Mac-friendly USB TV tuner dongles so that the latest EyeTV DTT Deluxe is much smaller. And as a result, it's now compatible with the MacBook Air's low ground-clearance. It's got a digital tuner inside that can do full HD, so it's just for those of you who can get DVB-T or Freeview,… » 7/08/08 7:46am 7/08/08 7:46am

Study: More than Half of U.S. Households Own a Digital Television

According to research released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), more than half of U.S. households now own a digital television.They are also forecasting 32 million new units shipped in 2008 —79% of which will be HDTV. Remember to get yours before Feb. 19th 2009 when the U.S. goes all digital. [… » 12/28/07 6:20pm 12/28/07 6:20pm

DoCoMo Digital Broadcast Phone - Now With Sears Walkie Talkie Antenna

This is where the line begins to blur between televisions and cellphones. This device from DoCoMo is full of features, everything from digital broadcasts to old school analog TV. I mean, look at that antenna, how can you not love it? I know how: battery life. The P901iTV handset, made by Panasonic, can handle only… » 9/27/05 10:53am 9/27/05 10:53am