Prepping for the Digital Conversion is Harder When You're a 99-Year-Old Grandmother

This "PSA" on the upcoming switch to digital broadcasting that requires anyone who watches TV via an antenna to get a converter box is one of the funniest gadget-related videos I've seen in a long, long time. In it, Mae LaBorde, a 99-year-old grandmother, tries to figure out how to acquire and then set up a digital… »10/17/08 3:45pm10/17/08 3:45pm

Digital TV Transition Starts Today in Wilmington, NC: Let's See Who Freaks Out

As most of you know, commercial analog TV in this country will become all but extinct on February 17th 2009. However, the digital revolution begins today in Wilmington NC. Basically, the town and its 197,760 TV-watching households will serve as guinea pigs for the nationwide rollout. The town has been bombarded with… »9/08/08 12:45pm9/08/08 12:45pm

Sony's XDV-W600 Portable TV Does Something Like No Other Bravia: Goes Bathing

Sony's XDV-W600 is no 60-inch high-contrast plasma TV, for sure: no, it'll sell for a different reason... it's waterproof. In fact, it meets IPX 7 and IPX 6 specs, and can safely go three feet under for half an hour. Clearly designed to go in the bathroom, it looks a smidge like a bar of soap, and has a 4-inch screen,… »9/02/08 4:35am9/02/08 4:35am

Three Top DTV Converter Boxes Go Head to Head For Your Digital Dollar

Somehow I doubt that many Gizmodo readers are concerned about getting a DTV converter before the February 2009 cutoff date-but then again, I've been surprised before. If you or someone you know falls into this category, Sound & Vision has taken the liberty of pitting the top three DTV converter boxes against one… »6/23/08 5:20pm6/23/08 5:20pm