The Race To Digitize Iraqi History Before ISIS Can Get To It 

Like so many bully regimes before it, the Islamic State has a talent for propaganda. A big part of that effort is documenting the destruction of everything from architecture to artifacts, even if they’re unwittingly destroying replicas. In Iraq, the cultural heritage is real—and so is the threat. »8/05/15 7:00pm8/05/15 7:00pm

Google Digitizing Newspaper Archives, Online Microfilm Searching Forthcoming

News junkies rejoice! Google has begun scanning microfilm from various newspapers' historic archives to make them searchable online, further pushing libraries towards obsolescence (just kidding, i think). The searches can be had first through Google News, and will eventually be available on every papers' own website.… »9/09/08 1:15am9/09/08 1:15am