Etsy Privacy Blunder Reveals Users' Full Names, Dildo Preferences, and Other Less Embarrassing Purchase Information

Oh Etsy, Etsy Etsy, what have you done? Well, to begin with, this: you introduced "People Search," a new tool that makes your users (and their feedback histories) searchable by their real names, without giving anyone any real heads up that you were doing so. Uh oh. »3/15/11 12:20pm3/15/11 12:20pm

His And Hers Wiimote Dildo Attachments Launch September 9th, Are You Ready?

Today we've got proof that the Wii isn't just for kids with this pair of Wiimote sex toys. We're not sure what game they're made to accompany but if anyone can create a realistic Mii while properly using one of these, we'll give them a prize. They come from a site that's mysterious for two reasons: It's not from Japan… »7/09/08 8:40pm7/09/08 8:40pm

Could I Have a Match? Try Vibrators and Nintendo Wiimotes

Remember when it was cool to joke about how the vibrating Wii remote looked, felt and behaved pretty much like a vibrator? No? Well, too bad, because it turns out that the two were more similar than the light-hearted humor suggested. In fact, both tools of pleasure employ technology built from a patent from the same… »5/11/08 5:00pm5/11/08 5:00pm