A Cheetah-Like Tail Lets This RC Car Make Sharp Turns Without Rolling

Cheetahs aren't just the fastest animal on land; they can also turn on a dime thanks to a long tail that serves as a counterbalance when cornering. So it makes perfect sense that if you want to improve the handling of a man-made vehicle, you'll slap a cheetah-like tail on the back. And that's exactly what researchers… »11/12/13 12:40pm11/12/13 12:40pm


Pandora and Other Webcasters Saved by Act of Congress

Today the otherwise preoccupied Senate quickly passed the Webcaster Settlement Act »9/30/08 7:50pm9/30/08 7:50pm many of you petitioned for, granting Pandora and other net radio services the right to negotiate royalties with the record industry's SoundExchange coalition for the years 2006 to 2015. OK, that's a mouthful—what it means is, they will…