Essential Wall Dimmer Video Hands On, Soft as a Baby's Butt

When we first told you about the Essential Wall Dimmer from International Fashion Machines, we were wondering if its carpet-like conductive switch felt like a Brillo pad. The company sent us a demo unit, and we can now definitively tell you that it feels soft as silk, just like a fine piece of carpet. The $99 switch… »8/03/07 10:17am8/03/07 10:17am


Star Trek Voice Activated Light Dimmer: Pretend You're Talking To Computer

Just one day after a voice activated answering machine comes a voice activated light dimmer, complete with wholly unnecessary Star Trek (no, not that smartphone from HTC, silly goose) branding. It plugs into any power outlet then responds to Star Trek-themed commands like, "Computer, Off." Magic! It even has the voice… »2/22/07 7:46am2/22/07 7:46am