L.A. Saves Southern California's Best-Preserved Googie Diner

The Los Angeles City Council ruled last week to give landmark status to Johnie's Coffee Shop, a blue-and-white striped diner in the city's Miracle Mile district. Opened in 1956, the building's dramatic angles and flashy neon made it a darling of L.A.'s newly car-centered culture. » 12/04/13 4:40pm 12/04/13 4:40pm

The Frick Collection's Secret Rooms

When I become an incredibly rich technology magnate, perhaps next year, I will craft my palace as Henry Clay Frick did in 1913. There will be bowling. My staff will have their own diner. And the secrets will be many. » 5/01/11 4:00pm 5/01/11 4:00pm