Google Maps Navigation Now Directs You Around Traffic

I'll gladly drive out of my way to avoid the soul-crushing agony of bumper to bumper traffic, and that's just what a new beta for the Google Maps Navigation Android app will show me how to do. From now on, the first set of directions it spits out will be the fastest in current conditions, so if everyone's gawking at… » 3/07/11 1:21pm 3/07/11 1:21pm

iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 2 Goes Out to Developers: Still No Copy/Paste

So here's the deal. You don't get copy/paste. You don't get image or videos over MMS. And you still can't type your emails or text messages in landscape mode. BUT! If you've been dreaming about Google Street View, or, uh, walking directions... well, you're in luck, because Apple is listening to you and nobody else.… » 10/25/08 12:40pm 10/25/08 12:40pm

MapQuest's Send to Cell Makes Mobile Mapping Slightly More Convenient

MapQuest's newest feature in their quest to maintian what's left of the public mindshare that Yahoo, Microsoft Live, and Google Maps haven't already eaten away is called "Send to Cell." You first find map a location or set of driving directions on MapQuest, then click the "Send to Cell" button and type in your phone… » 3/26/07 10:00am 3/26/07 10:00am

Virtual Earth Mobile For Windows Mobile PDA/Smartphones Gets You Maps…

Powered by Windows Live Local, Windows Earth Mobile lets you get maps on your WM5 devices. Normally, Google Maps and the like don't work very well with pocket IE or Opera Mobile, but using this, you can see regular street views, satellite views, or a combination of the two. You can even use this for driving directions… » 9/05/06 4:28pm 9/05/06 4:28pm