Add a Widget Shortcut on Android to Get Home With Just One Tap

If you’re a Google Maps user on Android you can set up customized 1x1 widgets on the home screen that will give you directions straight home from wherever you happen to be. The setup process also gives us an excuse to check out the new Maps app interface Google has rolled out over the last couple of days, so let’s… »9/02/15 12:35pm9/02/15 12:35pm


Google Maps Navigation Now Directs You Around Traffic

I'll gladly drive out of my way to avoid the soul-crushing agony of bumper to bumper traffic, and that's just what a new beta for the Google Maps Navigation Android app will show me how to do. From now on, the first set of directions it spits out will be the fastest in current conditions, so if everyone's gawking at… »3/07/11 1:21pm3/07/11 1:21pm

iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 2 Goes Out to Developers: Still No Copy/Paste

So here's the deal. You don't get copy/paste. You don't get image or videos over MMS. And you still can't type your emails or text messages in landscape mode. BUT! If you've been dreaming about Google Street View, or, uh, walking directions... well, you're in luck, because Apple is listening to you and nobody else.… »10/25/08 12:40pm10/25/08 12:40pm

Dial Directions 411 Phone Service Automatically Beams Routes to Your Dash GPS

Call up "DIR-ECT-IONS" (clever) on your way to the car and tell the friendly robot who answers where you want to go, and you can have a route beamed to your Dash GPS »9/10/08 11:00am9/10/08 11:00am over the web instantly. Dial Directions already works with a few other online and mobile services, but this Dash integration is a pretty great trick.…