AT&T and DirecTV Will Follow the Old Net Neutrality Rules For 3 Years

In the wake of such craziness as the Comcast-Time Warner merger and the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules that threaten to destroy the internet, AT&T and DirecTV are trying to be the good guys. AT&T, which announced its acquisition of DirecTV today, will follow the old, good net neutrality rules for three years. » 5/18/14 7:16pm 5/18/14 7:16pm

Report: AT&T Will Announce DirecTV Purchase Tomorrow

Rumors have been floating around all week that AT&T will purchase DirecTV for a reported $50 billion. Now, BuzzFeed quotes unnamed insiders who say the deal will be officially announced tomorrow, ahead of trading on Monday. The deal would give AT&T access to DirecTV's 20 million subscribers, the largest satellite… » 5/17/14 10:53am 5/17/14 10:53am

Bloomberg: DirecTV and TWC Might Create an Aereo-like Service

As cable companies continue to come up with creative ways to sell us TV without hooking us onto traditional cable, Bloomberg is reporting that DirecTV and Time Warner Cable are both thinking about creating an Aereo-type streaming service for customers to use. If it works like Aereo, it means you get to watch TV over… » 10/25/13 7:15pm 10/25/13 7:15pm

I Challenge You to Watch This Bikini-Clad Kate Upton Ad and Not Get DirecTV

This is a really sad story—the tragic existence of Kate Upton. You see, Kate is so poor that she can't afford any clothing except one tiny bikini. Day after day, Kate wanders through the beach, lying down on the sand, with nothing to eat except the occasional raw lobster, which she hunts with her bare hands. » 4/01/12 4:00pm 4/01/12 4:00pm

DirecTV Sunday Ticket for PlayStation 3 Fumbles, Fails to Convert and Other Football Metaphors About Dropping the Ball

Have NFL Sunday Ticket? Watching it on a PlayStation 3? Sorry, are you attempting to watch it on a PlayStation 3? Apparently it isn't working very well. DirecTV is currently "troubleshooting" and a number of key features are deactivated. [DirecTV] » 9/11/11 4:25pm 9/11/11 4:25pm