Weatherproof TVs Tested With Kool-Aid, Dirt (But No Pee Pee)

Sound and Vision decided to take two "Weatherproof" outdoor TVs and subject them to months and months of torture in a short amount of time to see just how weather proof they really are. Both the Pantel PAN320 and Aquatic AQ-LCD17S-1 shrugged off dirt, water and fruit punch when poured or sprayed directly on them, but… » 4/14/08 8:40pm 4/14/08 8:40pm

Nanotech Coating Uses Sunlight to Banish Smelly Socks Forever

Scientists in China and Australia have developed a method of cleaning fabric using nanotechnology that avoids dunking clothes in soapy water, before scrubbing and rinsing. The titanium dioxide-based coating bonds to silk and wool and uses sunlight to automagically decompose dirt, stains and microorganisms, meaning… » 2/12/08 8:59am 2/12/08 8:59am