Braille Karaoke Good For Blind, Even Better for Deaf

Two Japanese companies are teaming up to develop a karaoke system for the blind called the Seika. Hooking up to a PC via USB, custom software will import karaoke lyrics and convert them into 40 characters of braille on a separate "display." The result is a realtime, networkable lyrics feed for those who may not have a… » 8/11/08 12:30pm 8/11/08 12:30pm

Kurzweil Develops First Seeing-Eye Cellphone

One of the pet projects of Ray Kurzweil, genius inventor and futurist, is camera-based reading for blind and learning-disabled people. His original designs were chunky by our standards, a Canon Digital Elph literally strapped to a PDA. Now, working with the National Federation of the Blind, Kurzweil's group has shrunk… » 1/28/08 9:26am 1/28/08 9:26am

Touchless Keyboard Lets Disabled People Type With Their Heads

This touchless keyboard system's breakthrough is that it combines both the typing and the mousing in a single sensor. When configured on a standard PC, the user wears the headgear shown in the picture, and navigates and types by moving their head and neck. Here's what separates this product from similar ones: » 10/19/07 9:01am 10/19/07 9:01am