Footime Mouse Lets You Operate Your Mouse Hands-free, Not Feet-free

So, you're at your desk typing away, but what are your feet doing? If they're wandering about aimlessly, put them to work by investing in a Footime Mouse, which allows you to control your cursor by using feet-based gestures. Retailing at $199, the Footime Mouse could actually provide great functionality for those with… » 3/05/08 4:05am 3/05/08 4:05am

Gravitonus Workstation Gets Disabled-Friendly Add-on

The Gravitonus is one hell of a workstation that keeps the user in the most ergonomically optimized position at all times. This workstation is now being adapted for quadriplegics with the addition of ACCS, or alternative computer control system. Basically, a control unit is placed in the mouth that does all of the… » 2/13/07 4:42pm 2/13/07 4:42pm