Music Sounds Better With Daft Punk's Old Friend Alan Braxe

By now a lot of people are familiar with that particularly buttery breed of electronic music: French house. Daft Punk is the master of this new disco sound, so much so that a lot of people don't realize that a whole slew of producers and DJs have honed the sound for decades. My favorite? A soft spoken badass named… »12/01/14 7:00pm12/01/14 7:00pm


80s Game of Thrones remake is even funnier with new disco theme song

You have to love the internet. A year ago, Hunter Sanders made this 1990s remake of the Game of Thrones' intro, using Queen's I Want It All for the soundtrack. Then, three days ago, Steve Buzz uploaded an 80's inspired cover of the Game of Thrones main theme. And today, Mikolaj Birek mixed them both. It's so much… »6/26/14 11:34pm6/26/14 11:34pm

This is how the moon would look in the sky if it were a disco ball

Vsauce's Michael Stevens answers a great question with the help of Yeti Dynamics: What if the moon was a disco ball? The answer is sad: The mirrors' specular surface would make the moon almost invisible. However, things really get groovy if you put the disco moon at the same distance as the International Space Station. »4/04/14 8:50pm4/04/14 8:50pm

Sega's Disco Karaoke Machine Twirls Its Disco Ball, Connects to Cellphones

Two things set this Sega Hitokara karaoke »11/25/08 10:45am11/25/08 10:45am machine apart from the rest: it's connected to a cloud-based database of 43,000 songs via cellphone and it's got a whirling, light-up mirrored disco ball. Ohboyyes. Granted you'd have to be a fan of both karaoke (you strange person) and cheezy disco lighting, but what the…

DIY Home Laser Show Reacts To Music, Probably Won't Incinerate Your Eyes

For those of you who're into a little bit of creative electronics as well as fancying yourself as a bit of a mean DJ, this DIY laser light show may be just the thing to spice up your parties. Not only will the project spray laser light around (and who doesn't like laser light shows?) but it also reacts to music, so… »7/23/08 5:53am7/23/08 5:53am