This 727 Was Deliberately Crashed In the Desert For a TV Show We Can't Wait To See

When a plane unfortunately crashes there's no shortage of photos and video of the wreckage, but rarely footage of the actual impact. So to appease our morbid curiosity of what really happens when a large airliner crashes, the Discovery Channel deliberately downed a 727 in the desert for an upcoming show. »4/30/12 9:59am4/30/12 9:59am

Protect Yourself from Visigoths with Roman Siege Engine, Now for Sale on eBay

Want to be the scariest ancient history buff in your neighborhood? A couple of timber engineers are selling their re-creation of a Roman ballista, which they made for a Discovery Channel documentary, on eBay. Though the 12-ton, 24 foot-tall war machine needs a little restoration work and doesn't currently function,… »10/01/08 1:00am10/01/08 1:00am

Discovery Channel Looking For a Host For "Super Testing" Show

Discovery Channel is looking for a host for their new Super Testing show. You've got to be male, and between the ages of 30 and 50, and enjoy blowing things up and testing them I'd assume. I'd guess the perfect future star is a reader of Giz. Why not an editor of Giz? I don't know, I think we're all too doughy. So,… »8/02/08 12:47pm8/02/08 12:47pm

Mythbusters Shark Week: Real Sharks Eat Robot Dog, Robot Shark Eats Real People

To find out if dogs are really homing snackycakes for bloodthirsty sharks, or if poking them in the eye with a pokey thing is actually a good idea, you could ask a dude in a lab coat, or like, watch Jaws. Unless you're the Mythbusters-then you build a robot dog, surround it with doggy blood, piss and shit and dump it… »7/26/08 4:30pm7/26/08 4:30pm

Rube Goldberg Builders Needed for TV Show "Super Rubes"

Super Rubes is an upcoming one-hour TV show for The Discovery Channel that will pit a super team of Rube Golderberg creators against impossible challenges. The show is currently casting artists, scientists, engineers, architects and designers—or anyone with mad Rube Goldberg cred or enthusiasm. You need to be between… »11/26/07 10:53am11/26/07 10:53am