Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Rabies

So far as awful ways to die go, being attacked by a rabid animal then dying a slow, painful death must rank near the top. And exactly that happens to 55,000 people every year. Here's how you (or your dog) can get rabies, what it does to your body as it kills you and what you can do to ensure neither of you gets it. » 3/19/15 6:24pm 3/19/15 6:24pm

Scientists Can Detect Disease By Dripping Urine Down This Tiny Tube

A team of chemists at Brigham Young University have developed a remarkably simple and cheap lab-on-a-chip test that can accurately detect markers of serious conditions like kidney disease or even prostate cancer using nothing but a drop of urine the and the perpetual pull of gravity. » 10/27/14 4:56pm 10/27/14 4:56pm

Ebola Airport Screenings Won't Do a Damn Thing

Along with shoe X-rays and toiletries in ziploc bags, we can now welcome fever checks as the latest addition to airport security theater. Today, U.S. officials announced they will screen passengers coming to five major airports from the African countries hit worst by Ebola—despite no real evidence that it will make us… » 10/08/14 5:46pm 10/08/14 5:46pm

The dark alphabet of things that can kill you from A to Z

It's hard to keep track of what could kill you these days but if you really want to know, it's basically everything. College Humor created this dark comedy animation bit where the Grim Reaper waxes poetic on all the things that can kill a person from A to Z. It's a reminder to not avoid life when living. » 9/08/14 11:49pm 9/08/14 11:49pm

CDC Accidentally Ships Deadly Virus, Hopes No One Will Notice

That wacky CDC is up to its old, potentially fatal-virus-spreading tricks again. But instead of anthrax or dengue, this time, the Centers for Disease Control brought a deadly strain of bird flu into its revolving cast of highly contagious characters. While rushing to get to a meeting, a CDC scientist accidentally… » 8/15/14 9:44pm 8/15/14 9:44pm

Anti-Missile Tech Is Being Used to Find Malaria Before it Strikes

As it stands now, there's no truly effective method of protecting against malaria. Vaccines are notoriously difficult to make, and it's almost impossible to detect the infection in its early stage—until now, that is. And it's all thanks to highly advanced, tank-fighting military hardware. » 7/21/14 12:17pm 7/21/14 12:17pm

France Lost Thousands of Vials Containing the SARS Virus

Somebody's definitely getting fired, after over 2,300 vials containing fragments of the deadly SARS virus went missing from the Pasteur Institute in France earlier this week. Not one or two vials, mind you. Thousands of them. » 4/16/14 6:20pm 4/16/14 6:20pm

Military Future-Lasers Could Help Detect Bombs and the Flu

DARPA is investigating handheld UV laser devices to help soldiers detect biological and chemical weapons from a safe distance. But when they master that technology, it won't just be used on the battlefield; it could also help public health workers detect and track outbreaks of communicable diseases. Fighting flu with… » 3/21/14 2:20pm 3/21/14 2:20pm

Plague DNA Found in Ancient Tooth Suggests Black Death Isn't Dead Yet

You've undoubtedly heard about the Bubonic plague, but the chances of you knowing next to anything about the Justinian plague are significantly slimmer. That's because no one really knew anything about the Justinian plague—until recently, that is. Now, two ancient, plague-ridden teeth are finally teaching us a little… » 1/28/14 2:00pm 1/28/14 2:00pm

A Common Liver Drug Could Be Key to Curing Parkinson's

The tragedy of Parkinson's, which progressively robs patients of their physical abilities, is that while certain drugs, therapies and devices can restore some quality of life, so far we haven't found a way to stop brain cells from dying. Now, researchers in the UK and Norway have found a drug that could keep brain… » 9/03/13 3:40pm 9/03/13 3:40pm

This Instagram for Doctors Lets You See Medicine's Most Bizarre Cases

There are not—nor will there ever be—any filters in Figure 1, a new iOS photo-sharing app that approximates the fruit of an unholy union between Instagram and the Discovery Health Channel. Instead, clarity is key, since the app supplies users with a steady photo stream of very real, very not-for-the-faint-of-heart… » 6/10/13 12:29pm 6/10/13 12:29pm

Would It Kill This Girl to Brush Her Hair? Actually, Yes. (Updated)

Ever heard of Hair Brushing Syndrome? Sounds like bullshit, right? But it's actually a rare condition that effectively makes you have a toxic reaction to static electricity, and could indeed end your life. Balloons are the enemy! » 8/19/11 11:00am 8/19/11 11:00am

Portable Anthrax Detector Identifies Spores In Under An Hour

It's been almost 10 years since the anthrax attacks which killed five people and infected 17 others, but finally we have a legit way to detect the spores—and potentially dozens more pathogens like salmonella. » 8/01/11 11:00am 8/01/11 11:00am

This Microscope Can Detect Skin Cancer

Based on innovations from the last year, everything in the future will detect cancer. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. The latest to promise this ability is a microscope developed by the ever-innovative Fraunhofer Institute, capable of imaging a suspcious area of skin for melanomas. » 5/05/11 11:40pm 5/05/11 11:40pm

Pee On Your Phone to Test For STDs

Soon, all you'll need to test yourself for STDs is a computer chip, some urine, and a smartphone. For serious! You can finally the ignominy of a gonorrhea diagnosis in the privacy of your own bathroom. » 11/09/10 9:00am 11/09/10 9:00am

HealthMap App Will Tell You How Diseased Your Neighborhood Is

Ever wondered if someone in your neighborhood has a case of Swine Flu, African Horse Sickness, Chicken Pox, or other infectious diseases? Today's your lucky day: the HealthMap app will show you up-to-date reports and even send push alerts. » 9/01/09 11:42pm 9/01/09 11:42pm

Scottish Scientists Fight Cancer Cells With a Lightsaber

And those pesky physicists said lightsabers weren't possible. Peshaw, I say, pe- shaw » 11/23/08 11:00am 11/23/08 11:00am. I say this because Scottish scientists have created a miniature device that attacks individual cancer cells using a cylinder of light. A two millimeter saber of light, or , if you will. The pinpoint accuracy (no Force powers…

Cough Captured on Film Using Supersonic Photography Technique

Using a technique more commonly used to image the supersonic shock cones forming around test aircraft in wind tunnels, a group of scientists say they've captured the dynamics of a cough on film for the first time. And yes...it looks absolutely as disgusting as you may imagine.Schlieren photography involves shining… » 10/28/08 11:15am 10/28/08 11:15am