You're Going to Be So Disgusted with Humans After Watching This Video

Human beings, I love ya, but man are we disgusting. This video by Aaron Rogers lists and animates all the scientific grossness of being a human and it gets pretty gnarly. Like how many hot tubs our saliva can fill and what our eye boogers are made from and all the other nasty stuff that comes with our human body.… »12/15/12 2:00am12/15/12 2:00am

Seattle's Filthy, Prostitute-Ridden Automated Public Toilets Now Available on eBay

After spending $5 million of the city's tax dollars on high-tech, self-cleaning public toilets and then watching them quickly devolve into disgusting havens for just about every urban deviance imaginable, the city of Seattle is trying to cut their losses by vending all five of them on eBay where they can be yours for… »7/17/08 2:00pm7/17/08 2:00pm