The Jetsons Amusement Park Ride That Never Was

Bruce Bushman was a designer whose name you may not know, but whose work you've almost certainly seen. He worked on everything from the design of the Disneyland castle to episodes of The Flintstones TV show. But there's one project that Bushman worked on that sadly never became a reality: a Jetsons theme park ride. »9/05/14 1:42pm9/05/14 1:42pm

Inside the Fantastic World of Disney's Most Famous Art Director

Walt Disney, for all his vision, was not an artist at heart; he was smart enough to surround himself with talented people. The look that we associate with Disney art came largely from one woman he hired: Mary Blair, the designer and illustrator behind animated films like Alice in Wonderland and the ride it's a small… »9/04/14 6:23pm9/04/14 6:23pm

How Disney Upgrades The Haunted Mansion to Scare New Generations of Fans

The manifesting and disappearing ghosts in the grand ballroom of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion aren't holograms or digital projections. They're based on Pepper's Ghost, a nineteenth century technique that, until the Haunted Mansion was constructed, had never been used on such a grand scale. »9/04/14 11:20am9/04/14 11:20am

How Doritos Went From Disneyland Dumpster to Multi-Billion Dollar Snack

Doritos: they're so bad, but so undeniably good. Face it, you're staring at that orange-powdered motherlode of vaguely cheese-flavored corn product and salivating right now. But as you tear into a bag of Cool Ranch, do you ever wonder where Doritos came from? Short answer: a Disneyland dumpster. Talk about junk food. »5/04/14 11:40am5/04/14 11:40am

A Haunted House Filled With DIY Tricks From Disney's Haunted Mansion

Haunted houses have gone over the top in the quest for guts, gristle and gore. But the Alvarado Caverns and Mystery Theater in Los Angeles offers a clever, DIY twist on scare tactics. Its fascinating—yet still freaky—lo-fi haunting techniques are cribbed from one of the country's original spooky addresses:… »10/31/13 11:00am10/31/13 11:00am

Tour 3 Unrealized Projects That Almost Gave Us A Very Different L.A.

It would appear that, as a country, we're experiencing some serious regret (or relief?) in examining plans for our cities that never came to fruition. San Francisco looked at its Unbuilt SF, a similar show opened in Washington D.C.last year, and out here in L.A.—the land of broken promises and shattered dreams—there's »10/14/13 5:59pm10/14/13 5:59pm

How the Pirates of the Caribbean Became an Animatronic Adventure

Did you know that the Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the most iconic theme park attractions of all time, was originally going to be just a walkthrough wax museum at Disneyland? How lame would that have been? Thankfully, during the upgrades to the park for its new New Orleans Square, Walt Disney got caught up in… »4/24/13 11:00am4/24/13 11:00am