Christopher Dorner: Hunting a Killer One Click At a Time

If the charges leveled against Christopher Dorner are true, the brief but theatrical saga of the cop-turned-vengeful-murderer began on Super Bowl Sunday. That's when Dorner allegedly sneaked into an apartment-complex parking garage in Irvine, California—"America's safest city"—and shot Monica Quan and her fiancé,… »2/15/13 3:26pm2/15/13 3:26pm

How People Profit from Your Online Mug Shot and Ruin Your Life Forever

This July, Yolina (not her real name) was giving a language lesson to one of her students over the phone when he said he had something to tell her. She hadn't always taught over such long distances before—she was in California, her student in the Midwest—but after being laid off from her 14-year job as a community… »10/08/12 12:00pm10/08/12 12:00pm

The American Outlaws Hoarding Lightbulbs in the Name of Liberty

Do a Google search for "Karen De Coster" and you'll turn up a photo of her—a few photos, actually—wearing Daisy Dukes and a sky-blue tank top, her short blonde hair tied beneath a black paisley bandana. She's brandishing a giant assault rifle, crouched on a scrubby hillside, in a defensive position, like she's… »9/20/12 3:20pm9/20/12 3:20pm

11 Hours of Hell: The Time I Was a Steve Jobs Movie Extra

The night before I'm supposed to pose as an extra in Jobs, the first biopic to begin filming in the wake of Apple icon Steve Jobs' untimely 2011 death, I stay out until 2 in the morning. When I order a big bottle of Spanish cider at 1:15, five hours before my alarm is set to go off, and five hours and 45 minutes… »8/09/12 12:20pm8/09/12 12:20pm