A Brilliant Toilet Paper Dispenser To Leave Crapping Campers Clean and…

Camping purists may prefer to eschew traditional toilet paper in favor of nature's very own brand of sticks and leaves, but to the untrained eye, becoming one with Mother Earth might might leave a lasting, painful reminder on those tender, poison-ivy-scrubbed nether regions. So for those of us who aren't quite ready… » 3/28/13 10:51am 3/28/13 10:51am

Condom Dispenser Sets the Bar Too High

At last. Female sex pros and male overachievers rejoice-as the rest of us scratch our heads and look somewhere else while the level indicator on this $28 condom dispenser keeps going down at the same rate of our hand cream dispenser. [ Uncommon Goods » 9/06/08 12:00pm 9/06/08 12:00pm via ]

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Dispenser Advances Buttocks Tech

Other than the iPod dock toilet paper speaker we thoroughly tested, there hasn't been any real advancement in the area of ass wiping technology in the past few years. This Hello Kitty dispenser changes everything with its automated dispensing unit that lets you program exactly how many sheets you want for your next… » 11/26/07 12:29pm 11/26/07 12:29pm

Infrared Soap Dispenser Makes Your Home Like a Public Toilet

Really savor the feeling of using sinks in public bathrooms? Now you can get halfway there with this infrared soap dispenser. All you need to do is add 4 AA batteries, pour in some liquid soap, spray some pee around and below the rim of the toilet, smear poop in the wall next to where you wrote your phone number in… » 4/19/07 4:40pm 4/19/07 4:40pm

Box Wine Dispenser For Your Boxed Wine Presumably Comes in a Box

As if your Costco wine-in-a-box couldn't get any classier, this Wine Dispenser is shaped like a box and pours out wine like a cheap middle-school cafeteria worker. Available in black, white, and red, the box is made out of real metal and seriously impresses the ladies. And by ladies, we mean homeless ladies. » 2/28/07 9:20pm 2/28/07 9:20pm

X-Paste, For Teeth (Not Penis)

While its name tantalizes the libido with possibilities of a super sex cream/adhesive, the X-Paste is just for teeth (though what you do in the privacy of your bathroom is not for us to judge). » 2/17/07 1:00pm 2/17/07 1:00pm

Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser: One-Handed Toothbrushing

If you want to do up your bathroom all fancy-stylin' and move those half-squeezed toothpaste tubes out of sight, here's a stainless steel dispenser with suction cups you can mount to your mirror or any other smooth surface. » 10/23/06 12:19pm 10/23/06 12:19pm

Elecom K-Scott CD Pouch Dispenser

Even though this product falls nicely into the "kind of useless" category, it would still fit nicely at any workstation, next to the other box of tissues—ahem—that keeps getting used even though you haven't been sick for months. The Elecom CD pounch dispenser will hold enough CD pouches to keep even the pirateiest… » 6/15/06 11:46am 6/15/06 11:46am

Disc Media Dispenser

It's a new year and that means new style for everything. Getting media off of a spindle just isn t cool anymore. That is where the CD/DVD Dispenser comes into play. It can eject a single blank disc with the push of a button. The, originally named, DiscPod will be released later next month for less than $20. Now if… » 3/24/06 3:16pm 3/24/06 3:16pm