The Future of Civil Disobedience Online


Familiar political tools like petitions, fundraisers, mass letter-writing, call-in campaigns now have online equivalents. But what about protest tactics like street marches, picket lines, sit-ins, and occupations? Where is the room on the internet for civil disobedience? » 6/17/13 1:18pm 6/17/13 1:18pm

China Detains Prominent Artist Ai Wei Wei Indefinitely

Chinese artist, cultural icon, and increasingly important voice of political dissent Ai Weiwei was apprehended by Chinese authorities yesterday before boarding a flight from Beijing to Hong Kong. By all accounts Ai, whose work ranges from the famed Birds Nest stadium at the Beijing Olympics to the recent 100-million… » 4/04/11 9:00pm 4/04/11 9:00pm