New Hubble trick will change our perception of the observable Universe

Scientists have found a way to use the Hubble Space Telescope as an extremely precise galactic tape measure, multiplying our previous capabilities by 10. This increase will result in a more accurate understanding of the size of the observable Universe. plus new insight into the mysterious force known as dark energy. »4/10/14 9:44pm4/10/14 9:44pm

Virtual Distance Football Knows How Far it Was Thrown

Want to know how far you threw that ball? The virtual distance football can let you know how far it was thrown with an accuracy that's supposedly within 1 yard, showing you the distance on its LCD readout. Somehow its sensor is able to tell how far the ball has traveled by measuring the ball's impact at the end of its… »2/26/07 10:30am2/26/07 10:30am